All-Girl Pledge

"I pledge of solidness to this pyramid, of the all girl squad of West Georgia, and on Brittany and Alexis's stomaches for which they stand, on squad, under chad, undefeatable, with a championship and trophy for all!"
Co-Ed Competition Highlights
- 1999-2000 UCA College Nationals 5th Place
- 2000-2001 UCA College Nationals 3rd Place
- 2001-2002 UCA College National CHAMPIONS
- 2002-2003 UCA College National CHAMPIONS
- 2003-2004 UCA Qualifying Tape 1st Place
- 2003-2004 UCA College National CHAMPIONS!
All-Girl Competition Highlights
- 2001-2002 UCA College Nationals 3rd Place
- 2002-2003 UCA College Nationals 2nd Place
- 2003-2004 UCA Qualifying Tape 2nd Place
2003-2004 UCA College National CHAMPIONS!
- University of West Georgia
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- West Georgia Cheerleading web site
Created By:  Sandy Faith
Updated:  8/25/04
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The new all girl west georgia cheerleaders are:

Erica Baldwin  -  2nd yr
Ashley Bjorklund  -  4th yr
Tiffany Elgin  -  3rd yr
Sandy Faith  -  4th yr
Kayla Fritz  -  1st yr
Ashley Hardin  -  1st yr
Brittany Hulsey  -  1st yr
Alexis Johnson  -  3rd yr
Dana Jones  -  1st yr
Casey McMinn  -  3rd yr
Stacey O'Neal  -  3rd yr
Ginger smith  -  1st yr
Jakie Swaim  -  1st yr
Kristin Urquhart  -  2nd yr
Brittni Westfall  -  1st yr
Nikki Williams  -  2nd yr
Katie Wyman  -  2nd yr
Sarah  -  1st yr
Megan  -  1st yr
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