Special Offer on My Auctions
For International Buyers

To make it a bit easier on the wonderful people I have met online over the last so many years....
Normally I only sell to USA and to Canada.
It states this in my auction descriptions.
But if I know you from Delphi, Yahoo, mIRC, or Paradise Poker and you wish to bid on one of my paintings or sculptures I have up on auction all you have to do is email me before bidding, tell me who you are (user ID I would know you by), and where I "know" you from and I will be able to tell you what the shipping will be. There is a link on the auction page that says "ask the seller a question" , that would be the fastest way to contact me in regards to an auction. You must also register with eBay to bid on an item.
Occasionally however, I do have paintings and sculptures that have not been relisted on eBay and are still available, these items are within the pages of this site. If you see one of those and would like it, just drop me an email with the same information on it that you would if you were to bid on it.
 I will be adding the USPS postal rate addy on here and the International Currency Conversion table addy to help you to also figure out charges.

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