The Tall Thin Cat  © Series

About twice a month I add to My Tall Thin Cat Series. These are light-hearted and fun. Like most the cats I do, I have been doodling these my whole life and just started to paint them and add them in my eBay listings at a friend's insistence lol.
All BonnieLee Tall Thin Cats are copyright protected. 2002

Title -Long Thin Cat #1
March 2002

Size -  6" x 12"

 Medium -  Acrylics on Artist's Primed Canvvas Board.




Title -Long Thin Cat #2
April 2002

Ms. Tall Thin Cat stops to smell the Roses.

Size -  6" x 12"

Title -Tall Thin Cat & Short Fat Dog
April 2002

#3 In my Tall Thin Cat© Series.

Spring is in the air? Love is in the air??
Or is it just another Spring Fling??

There is more space under the dog's feet, but whole picture wouldn't fit in scanner.
Size -  8" x 16"
**Still available**


Title -Tall Thin Cat & Spring Showers
May 2002
#4 In my Tall Thin Cat© Series.
Seems the spring showers have caught Tall & Thin prepared this time with Brightly colored Umbrella in hand err Paw.

Tone Line going through middle of painting is not on actual painting.
Me and My scanner are not seeing eye-to-eye lately. *:O)

Size -  6" x 12"

 Medium -  Acrylics on stretched Acid-Free& 
Archival Quality Canvas. 



Remember to watch my ebay auctions for more additions to  My Tall Thin Cat series! *:O)

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