January 2002 Paintings #1


"Baby's Bath Time"
It measures 7"x10".

 One of the things I miss most about my children when they were babies was that sweet baby smell after their baths. This Mother snuggles her baby close to keep the baby warm and will always remember that baby smell.


" My Dreams Of Ulysses"

This painting was inspired by one of my favorite songs by Cream, The Tales of Brave Ulysses.

 Usually while painting or sculpting I will have my favorite cds on and visions will pop into my head. But because I am already painting on a painting I usually won't stop and paint what I am envisioning where a song is leading me. But this time I said the heck with it and put a cat painting to the side and grabbed another piece of watercolor paper and did this one.  Because i enjoyed it so much,  I will be doing more paintings of the hidden worlds certain songs take me to.

  ***Still Available ***

" Deep Sea Diving Kitty"

 The family happily leaves for vacation. The minute Kitty hears the car pull out of the drive way she pulls on the deep sea diving gear, weight belt and all. Grabs the trident and net bag to "investigate" what's for dinner at the bottom of the family's prize gold fish pond. 


"FA" Cat #1
7"x 5"
"FA" Cat ( FA=Folk Art ) #1, this one is the first I have done this year.
done in acrylics on stretched Fredrix's canvas.

Original painted Primitive Folk Art  Cats on a Gourd.

the cat on the right is a darker turquoise than what shows on my monitor.

It Measures approx.11" high (not including stem) x 17 " diameter.
Actual colors - turquoise, ochre, dark purple, red, black, white.



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