At level 60, you should beat these two secret bosses with ease.  After sealing Hollow Bastion, you will get both of these.
Go to Aladdin's House in Agrabah.  The magic carpet is going insane, and if you ride it, you will fight the 3rd hardest secret boss. 

EXP: 20,000!!!

This is one tough boss partly becuase it takes patience to win.  When you first start, Kurt Zisa will cast a spell that disables all yours and your teammates magic.  If you can, cast Aero on yourself.  To get your magic back, you must destroy both orbs in his hands.  Target one hand, and start chopping away at it.  Watch when Kurt Zisa steps back and slouches, this means he will swing his blades in a fury tornado.  Dodge roll out of it, and don't worry about healing your allies.  After defeating both, he falls.  BLAST HIM!  In a little while, he'll get up.  A force field will make him invicible except for magic.  Blast him with thundaga and watch out for his tornado magic attack, it can easily kill you.  After you do that, repeat the process over and over.  THIS IS A LONG BATTLE!  Keep trying, for you get more experience than you need for this battle. 
The Phantom-
Go to the Neverland:Cabin and you will see tinkerbell.  Put peter pan in your party and talk to tinker bell, and you will go to the phantom fight.  This is the 3rd hardest secret boss.


This is another tough boss.  Make sure you use your MP frugally, since magic is the main part of this battle.  Use stopra on the clock hands at first, and then every minute or two after that.  Now, under the phantom is a orb, yellow, red, blue, or white.  If you want to give damage to the phantom, you must use the corresponding magic with the orb. 
White= Regualr attack
Red=Fire Spell
Blue=Blizzard Spell
Yellow=Thuder Spell
Use this and mega-elixirs throughout the battle and you should be fine.
Kingdom Hearts 2 Feature Movie
To get this movie you will have to do the following, and beat the game:
-Seal all worlds, including 100 acre wood and the Coliseum
-Get all 99 dalmations
-Beat all coliseum Tournaments
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