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A history of noteworthy personal events, purchases at my favourite shops, and updates to the web site.

Date Events
2003 A.D.
December 11
Updated the JPop Review and Whats New pages.
December 10
Typed up some more reviews of Ayumi Hamasaki's CD singles. Hopefully I will get around to posting up reviews of other JPop CD's that I have.
December 09
Started airbrushing my Gundam GP-03S Master Grade kit. It's starting to look really nice now. After I'm finished, I will post up some photos of it.
December 05
Stayed up late this morning and posted 12 music reviews in the JPop Review section. All of the reviews are from Ayumi Hamasaki's CD singles. I still have a lot more CD's to review and post up.
December 04
For a long time, I told everyone that I was looking into purchasing a Nissan Sentra or Altima. Today, I now own a 1993 Nissan Altima! Such a wonderful car and a pleasure to drive. Well, now I will be selling off my 1991 Pontiac Tempest. I had some great times in that car, carpooling my friends down to Richmond on the well known "Iwase Run" driving all over the place, visiting my friends at Anime Jyanai. It's a very comfortable car that I will miss...well sort of.
December 03
I posted up a page on my site (here) about a House Warming Party that we will be hosting in the middle of December. Due to personal and security reasons, I cannot disclose any more information about this event.
November 18
Out of curiosity, I shopped around in Toys 'R Us and contemplated purchasing a reissue of a G1 vechicle. I had to make a choice between Jazz, Prowl, or Bluestreak. In the end, I ended up picking up Jazz. However, after opening up the package and looking at the weapon accessories, I strongly advise any Transformer fan to pick up a Takara release. This is because the North American versions have altered the design of the missiles and there is NO chrome plating on the weapon accessories. Such a disappointment, and I have no intention of buying anymore of the North American reissues. But if Takara does release Hound, I will pick it up for sure!
November 15
I finally managed to complete the construction of the U.S.S. Enterprise and now it is proudly displayed on top of my bookcase. It is next to my U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-E, which I had airbrushed.
November 13
After unpacking all of the boxes, I looked around and decided what to do to keep my mind occupied. A few months ago I had purchased the Bandai kit of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 movie version. I had promised myself that I would assemble it once I had moved into my house. So I began the fun-filled task of putting it together. Quite a few parts had to be sanded down in order for it to fit tightly with the other components. The addition of lights make this kit stand out in comparision to other North American Star Trek kits.
July 07
On my day off, I drove into Richmond to purchase advance tickets for T3, and dropped by at J-Hobby to visit the shopkeeper. He informed me that he was going to have a sale to celebrate the store's third anniversary. He let me pick up anything in the store and discount it at 20%. I couldn't make up my mind, but then my friend phoned me and alerted me that another person was joining us to see the movie. So I had to rush to the theatre and back to the hobby store to decide what to purchase. As I walked around, I saw Bandai's kit of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701. I made my purchase and received that wonderful 20% discount. We went for dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant, and headed off to see the movie. An entertaining movie, but not as dark and foreboding as the first two. Oh well, let's hope the fourth movie will be better in terms of character development and setting.
July 04
Stopped by the Post Office and waiting for me was the VF-11B Pversion. I was so happy, that when I arrived home, I took it out of the box and applied the decals. Now it is on the shelf next to my YF-21 Fast Pack version.
July 02
Realizing that I was low on hobby supplies, I decided to take a trip into Richmond to visit my favourite hobby store, Imperial Hobbies. After months of contemplation, I decided to purchase the Aztec A4308 double action airbrush. A handful of paints and paintbrushes completed the necessary tools need to continue working on the MS Girls project. Next door, Sakura Media was having a sale on selected items. The VF-1S Super Valkyrie from Bandai was discounted by $20, and since I had a G1 Transformers version of it, I decided to purchase this VF-1S and sell the Jetfire on Ebay.
June 25
Won on Ebay, the VF-11B with the Fast Pack for only $54.99 U.S.! What a great deal, and so it should arrive in about two weeks time.
June 22
Mustered enough courage to start using my single action airbrush with the use of a compressed air can. The trigger is very stiff when pressing down, however it is very easy to clean.
June 20
Received my game Virtual On Marz, and began playing it. The music is similar to Virtual On Force, so it would say it's Force customized and imported onto the PS2. There is also a Mission Mode which is quite challenging for me, but it's lots of fun.
June 14
The airbrushing station has been set up, so now I can continue working on my model kits and hopefully take some photos of my new work.
June 11
Shopping for food at the local grocery store, and stumbled onto a promotion for 3/4 pound lobsters for only $8.99! Out of curiosity, I bought one and took it home for lunch.
May 22
My parcels had arrived and I was so overjoyed that they arrived so quickly. I now have the Yamato YF-21 with the fast pack accessories. I paid about $45 U.S. for it, which is a really great deal!
May 17
I won the auction for the YF-21 with the fast pack accessories. I guess I was too excited to realize that I had already have one comming.
May 12
What a great deal! I bought a Yamato YF-21 on Ebay for $49.99 U.S., and I can't wait to receive it.
May 06
A new hard drive and now I had to purchase a new monitor because my current NEC monitor is very fuzzy. Not ideal for reading text.
Jan. 12
I signed up to join the Anime Model Kit webring, but the Ringmaster said that I didn't have any content regarding model kits that I have built. Well I did have photos of model kits that I have built in the Photo Gallery on page 2, but I don't think he got that far. And what about my online newsletter, which has photos and describes how to airbrush your hobby kits? I guess he didn't see that also. Oh well, I revamped the Photo Gallery section, posting up fourteen, yes that's right, fourteen new photos of my model kits. Well as soon as I can get around to Anime Jyanai with my digital camera and take photos of all my Gundam kits which are in the showcase. I'll post them up too! Next on my tedious list is to update the JPop section, which is in desperate need of updates.
Jan. 11
Yesterday, all the items that I posted up on EBay were bidded on! This is great, and so I emailed them the winning notice, and in two weeks time, I'll receive the money and off to the Post Office I will go to ship out the parcels. I decided to visit Ultra Action Toys located in Richmond, on Odlin Crescent. They are located on the second floor in the small shopping centre. Anyway, I chatted with the owner and decided to buy the DVD of the new animated series, Gundam Seed. The DVD has the first four episodes and they have English subtitles. I purchased two Micromaster Transformer vechicles as well, and decided to travel back home. I sat back and hungrily watched four episodes of this well animated and scripted TV series! What can I say, this animated series is excellent, and I will be buying the boxset when it comes out! Late at night, I unlocked all the game characters for Tekken 4.
Jan. 07
I received my game, Tekken 4, for the Japanese PS2, in the mail today. Late in the evening, I began to play the game and unlocked two game characters. What is surprising is that I won it for only $20.00 U.S.! I took my Bit Charg car, Mazda RX-7 Savanna, for a test drive after installing the 3.0 motor. It has so much speed, that I kept rolling the car whenever it took a sudden turn. Well, now I know how much power and speed it has, but after rolling the car so many times, I'm reluctant to install the 4.0 motor (if they ever make one).
Jan. 01
Not the best way to start off the new year, I got up at 6:00 AM only to receive a phone call that I was not supposed to come to work because they had overstaffed. So much for working on a wonderful day.
2002 A.D.
Dec. 31
Knowing that I had to get up early to go to work, I attended a New Year's Party with my friends and left around 12:30 AM. I brought over my Yamato 1/48 scale VF-1A to show my friends. Some of them are considering picking one up.
Dec. 26
Opened my presents and was happy with the gifts I received from my family. However, I received three delightful Christmas gifts from my friends.
Dec. 18
Scouring through EBay for an imported game of Dance Dance Revolution for the Playstation, I lost on a handful of auctions because I didn't know how high to bid. But I did pick up a pair of dance pads, and tonight I won the auction for the DDR 3rd Mix game for $41.00 U.S. Now that's quite pricey for a second-hand game, but then a previous auction for the same item ended at $52.00 Last week I purchased a 1/144 scale kit of the Wing Gundam and it's SD version. Creating a scratch-built helmet for the MS Girl would take too much time and effort, so I theorized that the SD head armour would be the approximate size. From analyzing the drawings and undertaking a mini project of my own, I have discovered how to design the head armour for the MS Girl Nataku. So, there will be a fourth issue which will cover the construction of the head armour. I picked up my new cell phone belt clip and I think it's much better than what my friend has.
Dec. 13
After months of waiting for the new Star Trek movie, my friends and I saw it on the opening night and were quite disappointed at the lacklustre storyline. However the space combat scenes look splendid! I also liked the new design of the Romulan Warbird.
Dec. 12
Just when things were beginning to look good, along comes my nemesis and attempts to spoil my day.
The EBay auctions ended, but only half of the items were bidded on. Now I'll have to wait about two to three weeks for the payment to arrive. At least it will curtail the items which I bought on EBay.
Dec. 09
My job security is no longer secure now that the Review has been implemented. Which means, I'll have to look for another job very soon. Otherwise I will stick it out here and see how it goes.
Dec. 07
A special day indeed, it is Dan's birthday and I took him out for lunch at Kiren in Coquitlam. At his place we played Gundam DX on his PS2 and then he downloaded some JPop Midi files into my cell phone, the Sanyo SCP-5000 has a colour LCD screen and can be connected to a PC to download Midi and JPG files to the phone. The Midi files can be used in place of the default ring tones, as well as the JPG images files can replace the default wallpaper. Such an amazing phone. However, the previous owner, the salesperson, had set it up so that when I dialed my cell phone to check my voice mail, it would dial someone else's number. Well I have to take it back on Monday to see what they can do to fix it.
Dec. 06
After doing some housework, I left for work and stopped by Telus to pick up my phone. It was there and instead of paying $49, I got it for free because it was used as a demo by one of the sales staff. They also threw in a headset and car charger for free.
Dec. 05
Visited Telus and requested to sign up for a three year plan and get the Sanyo SCP-5000, but the salesperson was goading me into getting the Samsung flip open phones. I was persistent and had to return the next day to pick it up.
Oct. 05
The most anticipated parcel arrived on Friday, and I arrived the next day to pick it up. It is the Para Para Paradise game and a set of five sensor modules for the Japanese PS2. The first newsletter for the "Project MS Girls" is now complete.
Sept. 30
Preliminary photographs and began work on the "Project MS Girls".
Sept. 29
Shopped around in Richmond and made a few minor purchases. There was a 50% discount on selected Anime DVD's at Sakura Media, so I bought the Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz DVD. At J-Hobby, I was searching for the necessary Gundam kits to begin the "Project MS Girls". The most ideal candidtate for constructing the prototype MS Girl was the Gundam Nataku, and I also purchased the Tallgeese III. Both of these kits are the High Grade 1/144 scale.
Sept 28
A friend of mine informed me that Virtual On Marz is being released on the Japanese PS2 in the summer of 2003. So now there's another Virtual On game that I will be looking forward to purchase!
Sept 18
Deadbeat bidders galore, about twelve of them! It wasn't a pleasant feeling either, patiently waiting for a month for payments to arrive. After sending them numerous emails to pay up, I have sent them Bidder-Alert notices via EBay.
Aug. 21
Today I bought on EBay the Japanese game Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram for the Dreamcast. Most people wonder why I would do this, since I already have this game anyway. Well, you need two of the same game in order to hook up two Dreamcast's together for head-to-head play. After I move out, I will most likely buy another Dreamcast and TV to create that awesome arcade experience. I won the game for only $15.00 US, and that is a deal considering most auctions have ended at around $45.00 US.
Aug. 13
I decided to sit back and watch some Anime DVD's in the evening when my parents went out. A couple of months ago, I had purchased a few Anime DVD boxsets and I had been putting off the time to watch them. Well I watched Kare Kano and found the subtitling quality to be quite decent, so I'm pleased with it. However, the Gundam 0083 OVA boxset was a major disappointment, with the awful translations of the Japanese names of people, events, and places. So I am going to sell this item off very soon. The last boxset I watched was Orange Road, and it was quite a pleasure to watch. On an occassion, more than a couple of lines of dialogue were not translated. The most surprising thing that I saw was the words, "NOT FOR SALE OR RENT, By Fans for Fans." Well that phrase looked very familiar, and then I remembered that Arctic Animation used that phrase for all of the subtitling work that it did.
Aug. 12
A bright sunny day, just ideal to do some body paint work on my car. I brought all the necessary tools, and masked off the nonessential areas, exposing the area that had to be repainted. But before that, I had scrapped off all the loose paint and sanded down the surface. I was able to apply a few coats of paint before the can ran out of paint. But there was nothing to worrry about because I had another can of paint to finish the job. And as I depressed the plunger...the paint nozzle exploded! Paint was shooting out left, right, and front! So, I had to "customize" the nozzle for it to work properly. The finishing result was good, however the splattering effect left drops of paint on various rubber parts of the car, and so I will have to spend extra time removing them.
Aug. 11
I made a brief visit to J-Hobby to see what new items were in the store. After a brief chat, I decided to purchase the Master Grade RGM-79 GM for only $44.00 including tax. I had this model kit, fully assembled and airbrushed, with the addition of some extra custom decals. However, my father decided that it was in his best interests that it should be thrown out and destroyed to appease his personal religious beliefs. He also threw out RGM-79N Custom, which had a customized paint scheme and additional decals. Of course, I'm still angry at him and when I do move out, I am going to rebuild them and put them on display. Which also means, due to Mom's destructive behaviour, I will have to buy another double action airbrush, because for her religious beliefs she threw the airbrush on the ground and smashed it. In the end, my parents felt very good at the destruction they had accomplished.
Aug. 8
Two days ago, I received a parcel from a seller who was supposed to ship out my parcel a month ago. Well, I was happy to receive the Transformer from Car Robots, Fire Convoy. On closer inspection, I wasn't sure if it was really the genuine article or a North American version known as RID Optimus Prime. It did have the Japananese Kanji and the words "Cybertron" on the side of the cab. There was only one way to find out, and that meant to test out the sound/voice effects. After inserting two AAA batteries, I pressed the button a few times and I found out the shocking truth. The American version had the voice chip removed, but the original Japanese version had the sound effects and the voice chip. When I heard the Japanese voice ring out, then I knew for sure that it was truly Fire Convoy! Well, I was thinking of selling it off, but after finding out that is the genuine article, I have decided to keep it. One reason I'm keeping it is that the toy is no longer in production, and because it's an original Japanese version, it is very valuable. The other reason is that it looks to cool and I like it so much!
Aug. 5
Late into the night and very early in the morning, I forced myself to stay up late to post up the auctions on EBay. At 3:15 A.M., I finished posting up twenty-six auctions. Before they were posted, I had to make sure that the descriptions in the text files actually had sufficient and accurate content. However, I had to get up at 6:00 A.M. to go to work. So I had a choice, stay up and type up some descriptions for the upcomming EBay auctions, or get some sleep. I choose the wiser alternative and got some sleep. I slept for two hours and thirty minutes, and after comming home and looking at the auctions, about half of the auctions have been bidded on. I may go to bed early tonight to make up for the lack of sleep last night.
Aug. 4
A couple of my friends and I went to Richmond so I could pick up some DVD's. After looking around at this new Anime DVD store, I picked up the DVD which had the last nine episodes of Vandread: Second Stage. They also had the Jin-Roh movie on DVD for only $8.00! I purchased it as well and I have to find out if it's subtitled, and if it is, how well translated are the English subtitles.
July 28
It started out with just going out for a drive to Richmond for a day of window shopping, but instead it turned out to be a day full of surprises! Sakura Media opened a new store in Richmond has been in business for a few months, and so I was surprised to see lots of new exciting items to buy. Well, I'm on a budget now, so I can't buy everything that I want. I chatted with a person who was contemplating on purchasing those amazing Banpresto Macross Valkyries with the Fast Pack accessory. He eventually bought one and was impressed. Well I heard the Para Para Paradise music playing in the background and I bought the soundtrack for the game. I also purchased the Master Grade Neue Zeil Mobile Armour model kit. The person I was chatting with regarding Macross Valkyries, gave me his ICQ number (yes, I'm on ICQ as well) so I'd better add his number to my User List before I forget.

It was past lunch time and I was in need of some nutritious food, so I headed to Yaohan center for lunch at the sushi place in the food court. After that delicious meal, I went to J-Hobby (which is a block away from the Yaohan center) to visit the shopkeeper and see what new items are comming in. On the front door, there was this sign advertising a big summer sale of 20% - 30% on all merchandise. The price of the Yamato VF-1A was reduced to $89.00, but I could only see the red versions. I asked the shopkeeper if they had a blue version around. To my delight, they had one left, and I picked it up. I met a couple of good friends at Anime Jyanai, and chatted away. After phoning my best friend, I went to his place and watched a couple of movies. After I arrived home,

July 26
One week after buying the small fishes, four of them (including the large one) died. This has not been a good month for the fishes and the noise of the compressor has been keeping me awake at night, so I turned off the compressor. My original fish was alive for over a month in a simple fish bowl, so the two remaining fish should stay alive for the same amount of time, or hopefully longer. Actually, I've given up on buying fish and seeing them kill each other, so when these two die , I will not buy any more fish and the fish tank and accessories will be discarded.
July 17
It was one of those days, where I had to go out and accomplish my tasks which I had left unattended to. So I was two weeks behind, but I got most of them done today. After work, I'll drop by Office Depot and pick up a couple of plastic storage containers for the Lego that I won on EBay. I'm not upset of the loss of the variant fish, because he killed my orange fish. I went to the pet store and when I inquired about purchasing some fish, but the attendant was rude and impolite. After buying five small bottom feeder fishes, I promised never to come back there again. Such a rude person, he talked to everyone else, except me.
July 15
Arriving home late at night, I checked up on the fishes and discovered that the variant fish was laying on its side and still swaying around it's fins. I could not understand why it happened. But I believe the grey fish attacked the variant. Oh well, serves the variant right, for killing my precioius orange goldfish. In the morning the variant fish had died, so I buried him under one of the chilli plants.
July 2
Well, my Mom found out that I was selling Transformers on EBay and so my Dad warned me that I cannot sell them on EBay anymore. And, if he does find them, he will throw them out. That's not a good deal for a lot of Transformers that I had kept away for twelve years, waiting for the day to sell them off and make a sizeable profit. The good news is that the auction for all of the first season Autobot cars ended successfully, and all the bidders have submitted their mailing addresses, so I will ship them out ASAP before the toys are discovered in my closet. Well I could wait for the money and ship them out, but I risk having them found and thrown out. I still have to post up the Autobot cars from the second season. But now, I can't relax and do the auctions as planned because they know what I have been doing, so I may have to post up the other Transformers much earlier than expected. And with the Transformer and Macross toys that I do have hidden away, I should store them away at my friends place, so they will be safe. I won't be able to play with them, but at least they will be safe. That reminds me, I should store my Anime DVD's away from the house as well, because they might search my room again. But the good news is that my Lego collection is happily approved by them, and they don't mind if I buy more of it.
July 1
I have had two bidders who didn't want to pay for the black Optimus Prime, from two seperate auctions. Well thankfully, one person was very interested in it and I met him today and he paid me for it. Well that is a burden off my back and the trunk of my car, because for a month it was sitting in the trunk while I patiently waited for the dead bidder to pay for it. Anyway, the current winning bidder didn't respond to both of my emails and it has been ten days now...so I am going to leave him negative feedback for all the trouble he has given me.
June 30
I was surprised to find out that the Lego auctions that I had snipped, turned out successful with the execption of one bidder who outbid me for a handful of items. Well my victory wasn't as costly as the previous battle that I had a week ago, but I lost on most of the bids for a few bulk sets which contained approximately 4,000 pieces of Lego in each set.
June 17
To my amazement, I won the auction for the Transformers Season 1 DVD boxset, and yesterday I posted up two Transformer Season 1 single DVD's. Hopefully, at the end of the auction this will pay for the boxset which I purchased.
June 16
I posted up on EBay, fourteen items to be auctioned off from the Theta Wave. The sad thing is that the JAF-Con Optimus Prime sold for $152.00, but the buyer emailed me and said that he couldn't pay it due to the replacement of a transmission system for his car. Oh well, it's one of those buyers, so I had to relist it today and I'll see what happens after the seven days.
June 15
I visited my local comic shop to purchase the third issue of the Transformers comics produced by Dreamwave. When I couldn't find it on the shelves, I asked the clerk who told me that they actually came in on Thursday and sold out that same day. Saddened by the news, I thanked the clerk for his help and drove home. I browsed through EBay to look at the current prices of the Transformer comics and I stumbled upon an auction for issue #3! He had the same issue with two different covers, and the auction was about to end in less than a minute. I signed in and put in a bid at the last second and won it for $5.50! Well, I paid for it on the same day and I'll be receiving it in a couple of weeks.
June 9
Last night, I won the auction for the Para Para Paradise game for the Dreamcast and the set of arm sensor modules for $56.00 U.S.! I had placed a maximum bid of $100, in the hopes that I would not be outbid by many fans of the game. But surprisingly, not many people bid on the item.
June 8
After thoroughly cleaning out the fishtank, the two fish seemed more comfortable with their surroundings and were responding to the fish flakes which I was feeding them.
June 6
I heard the sad news when I came home, Mr. Fish had passed away from the severe injuries inflicted by the newcommer. In my distressed mind, I just wanted to kill the other fish for their crimes and throw out the fishtank.
June 5
I was in shock when I saw what had happened to the injured goldfish, he had injuries everywhere! I removed him from the fishtank and kept him in the fishbowl, but he doesn't want to eat or is unable to.
June 4
After comming home from work, I noticed that the original orange fish had an injury on the right fin. Assuming that it was due to my handling when transporting him to the other fishbowl, I just hope that he recovers soon.
June 2
Noticing that the two goldfish were looking for some more company, I visited the local pet store and was ignored for about ten minutes while I patiently waited to be served. One of the two workers reluctantly came over and helped me, and was rude for most of the time. I pointed out a fish that attracted my attention, it was an orange goldfish with grey markings on the fins. After I arrived home, I placed the fish into the tank and the fish swam around merrily.
May 27
I spent a good deal of time retaking all the pictures of the Transformers that I will be selling on EBay. The photos turned out better then yesterdays photo session, and I decided that the other items should be photographed as well. Several items were posted on EBay, and so that should help bring some more money in. A revised list for the items to be auctioned off, plus all of the photos were placed in the appropriate subdirectories. Next on the agenda will be to write up descriptions of the items that will be auctioned off in the next round.
May 26
In my excitement, I downloaded the photos that I took last night and discovered to my surprise that they didn't turn out so well. I managed to salvage a handfull of the photos, but I decided to retake all of them again.
May 25
On my trip to the post office, a fair size box was waiting for me. Finally, my G1 Omega Supreme had arrived and I was just thrilled! I phoned up my best friend and found out that he had gotten over most of the flu, and so I could come over to visit. I spent a good deal of time taking pictures of my Transformers that I was going to sell on EBay. We watched the Doctor Who DVD, and an hour later KFC for dinner! We decided not to go out, and so we stayed back and watched the movie A.I. on DVD. It is an excellent movie, and I would recommend it for everyone!
May 24
After work, I stayed at home for a while and then decided to go out and visit my friends. Well it was the three of us, and after dinner we took a stroll in downtown Vancouver. I picked up a couple of Gundam Wing novels and a Doctor Who: Rememberance of the Daleks DVD, from Virgin Megastores. Driving back, I began to doze off to the point where I was drifting off from one lane to another. So I decided to pull over and get some sleep.
May 22
The auctions ended and though it wasn't a great success, only three of the seven auctions had bids. I may repost the other auctions in the future.
May 15
Numerous problems with the server, so I was unable to post up any new auctions. Worse still, I can't even check my email, so hopefully this situation passes over so I can resume my work. But after going out to purchase a fishbowl and another goldfish, I visited Anime Jyanai and used their computer to post up my EBay auctions. On the way home, I decided to pay J-Hobby a visit and discovered that the Yamato Fast Pack Valkyries (VF-1J and VF-1S) will not be in the store until June. I purchased the three pack set of the mini Macross Valkyries, manufactured by Banpresto. They are very impressive for their small size, articulate, and transforms without removing or adding any parts. After arriving home, I discovered that the Internet access is no longer hampered.
May 14
The computer crashed after I plugged my digital camera into the USB cord. Well, that may be another mystery I will have to figure out. The next wave of items I will be selling off will be as follows: G2 Seaspray (MOSC), G2 Beachcomber (MOSC), Beast Wars Neo Destron Dirge (all three of them MISB), Bandai Transformer from Japan from a toyline called Dinozone featuring a Stegasaurus that transformers from dinosaur to robot and back, Bandai model kit Master Grade RX-78 NT-1 this is an exclusive metal plated version which was only available at the Hobby Fair in Japan and only a few thousand were made, and a very hard to find Japanese CD single featuring the first opening song for the Pokemon TV series and it has the ending song and Pokemon rap Japanese version. That's a total of nine items that I will be selling off! So if you're interested in these items, sign up on EBay and grab it while it's there.
May 13
The auction ended late at night, and I was thrilled at the results of the auction. The ending auction prices are as follows: G1 Optimus Prime July 2000 reissue - $120.00, Macross VF-1S Strike Valkyrie Bandai 1984 - $138.00, Transformers Metroplex with some accessories and Optimus Prime custom - $20.00 Overall the payments will cover for the recent purchases I made for Omega Supreme and the YF-19.
May 12
After the loss of my Yamato YF-19, I scoured on EBay and bidded on a MISB YF-19. However, many bidders wanted this item too, so eventually the price rose to an amount only a true collector could pay. I only wanted it because of the fact that the light blue paint on the VF-19A could easily be scrapped off, and the YF-19's metallic parts are the only components that are painted. Before I went to work, I placed a bid of $150.00 and departed. For some reason, I had this nagging feeling that noone else was going to bid on the item. So when I arrived home and checked the status of the auction, I was mildly suprised to find out that I won it. I did promise that if I did purchase a YF-19, that I would auction off the VF-19A to offset the cost of buying the now-very-expensive YF-19.
May 7
I've posted up three items on EBay that will make a sizeable profit for me. Up for auction is the July 2000 reissue Optimus Prime (MISB), the VF-1S Strike Valkyrie with most of it's armour components (Bandai 1984), and the Autobot city Metroplex which comes with some of its city components. Included with Metroplex is the very difficult to find instruction manual and as a bonus gift a modified Optimus Prime cab. I repainted the chrome components and made alterations to the neck assembly so that the head actually turns. I repainted the red chestplate and in place of the chrome stickers, I applied silver paint to those areas.
Apr. 23
That night when I came home from work, I was browsing through EBay, when I saw a Virtual On artbook that demanded my attention. It was a Virtual On Reference Schematic book with lots of detail pictures, but the seller was throwing in for free an Angelan keychain. This book is very rare, so I used the Buy It Now option and closed the bid at $35.00 U.S. Which was great, considering the starting fee was $34.00 U.S.
Apr. 22
I was surprised to find out that I won the bid for Omega Supreme for $60 U.S. Not bad considering that I need to buy the small yellow clips (all six of them) to actually complete it. So the most cost saving alternative is to purchase the reproduction parts from Jangar Reproductions. His site has the best prices around for replacement parts. The cost of the six yellow clips will be $18 U.S., but it's better than paying $15.00 U.S. for a pair of the original clips. And if you haven't noticed lately, I live in Canada which is why I'm quoting the prices with the words "U.S."

Speaking of cutting costs, I've noticed that I have been spending a lot of money lately. Now that is a shock to me because I am supposed to be saving my money, so that when my wife does come to Canada, I will be able to afford purchasing the furniture and other necessary items for ourselves. That comes down to my main concern, I have a handful of Transformer toys that I need to sell off. However my parents object to having the Transformer toys in the house, so I may have to resort to some "stealth" tactics to bring them home and box them up for shipping purposes. If all goes well, the sales should provide more than enough money to cover up my recent spending spree. I will be selling off the following items: RID Optimus Prime mini (MISB), RID Ultra Magnus mini (MISB), RID X-Brawn/ Scourge mini (MISB), Speedbreaker (repaint MIB), Wildride (repaint MIB), VF-1J (Bandai), VF-1S from the Macross movie, includes all of the accessories (Bandai),and the SDF-1 Macross Fortress (30 cm tall, fully transformable)

Apr. 21
After winning some bids on EBay for a really low price, I had a thought come to me. Now I really wanted those mini RID Transformer toys, but after going to a local comic store and purchasing the Transformers Field Guide ($55.00), I decided to put those toys up on EBay and sell them. Hopefully this will offset the cost of buying that book, and it covers the toys from the first to fourth season and it comes with a comprehensive price guide for all of the Transformer toys made from Generation 1 to the present day Robots In Disguise toyline.
Apr. 20
I won the bid for the Macross mecha artbook! Out of curiosity, I visited his online store and I discovered that the selling price for the same item is twenty dollars extra than the initial bidding price on EBay. Well I am glad that I won it, so in a week or so I should have it in my hands.
Apr. 19
Most of you have been wondering about my pet fish, well he (I am assuming it's a he) is very alive and is swimming about in the fish bowl. If anyone could give me some tips about taking care of a goldfish, please email me and I'll be happy to listen to your words of wisdom.
Apr. 19
The past few months have been very life changing to say the least. Well I visited a good friend of mine, who hasn't been working due to a shoulder injury. After an interesting night at a dinner banquet, we were given the option of taking home a small bowl of goldfish for only two dollars! What a deal, and great offers like this don't come by often so I put down a Toonie and took it home with me. More news regarding the goldfish will be posted in the What's New page. That girl at work is mad at me again, but for no apparaent reason. Oh well the best I can do is just avoid contact with her. Lots of interesting items have been popping up on EBay. One interesting item is the Macross mecha artbook (I don't know the actual name offhand). I haven't seen it in any of the Anime bookstores, so I will have to get it from EBay. However, I know the actual selling price so I'm not going to overbid for this item. With no airbrush to paint any model kits, it will be quite challenging to write the articles for Hobby Brush. So I will be resorting to my memory of what I have done in order to compose the articles.

New items just arrived at J-Hobby on Friday the 12th. The original VF-1S is now in stock, but for those Macross fans that are looking for the new Yamato Valkyries, the Fast Pack VF-1J and VF-1S will be in the store in May. Personally, I would like to buy a Fast Pack kit for my VF-1A. More of those wonderful mini R/C cars (6 cm long and 2.5 cm wide), known as Bit Charg, are now in stock. But get down there as soon as you can, because they are really selling fast! The store owner informed me that the stock of Bit Charg vechicles in Japan has been sold out. Not to worry, they will be producing more of them. I bought one of those amazing cars, the Nissan Skyline GT-R Type R34, blue coloured. Their cost ranges from $50 to $60 Canadian. Newly released from Bandai is the Master Grade Zeta Plus C1 Gundam. Many of the Z Gundam fans will want to pick this one up!

Apr. 15
I went to my P.O. Box and picked up the YF-21 that I won from EBay. Still it was really heart breaking when my parents decided to throw the Yamato Valkyries out because of their personal beliefs. Those collectors toys just sat on the shelf and I never played with them, and they were kep in fighter mode of all things. I was really in pain for several months, so I decided to buy them again and hide them until I move out. To date I now have the VF-1A (Hikaru version), VF-11B, VF-19A, and the YF-21.
Apr. 13
A last minute call from work informed me that I was to report to the Coffee Shop an hour earlier instead of working on the ship. Well that would mean an hour less of sleep, but it turned out to be a beautiful day and I was able to see my friends. There is another store that sells Anime DVD's at a much lower price than other places. But all the sales are cash only, so you need to bring lots of it. I bought the Patlabor OVA series (pilot version), Gundam 0080: War In The Pocket, and Macross II: Lover's Again OVA series. The Macross and Gundam DVD's I bought at Sakura Media, and the Patlabor DVD was purchased at that new place. When I do find out the name and location of that place, I will post the information in the Shopping List page.
Apr. 12
New shipment arrived at J-Hobby, and I was contemplating of purchasing a Bit Charg R/C car for my wife.
Apr. 9
I dropped by J-Hobby to see what new items he had in the store. One particular item caught my attention, even more so than the first time I saw it. It was an incredibly small R/C car known as Bit Charg in Japan. When I brought my wife there the first time, I was going to buy one, but I hesitated and decided to give it some thought. This time, I was given a demonstration of the speed of this car. I was astounded at it's capabilities, and so I decided to buy it. I picked the blue Nissan Skyline GT-R Type R34. The parts are interchangeable, for example the current motor can be replaced with a faster or slower type, different grades of tires (soft, medium, or hard) are available, and replacement of the body of the car. For hobby enthusiasts, the vechicle does have to be assembled, and it is possible to install mini LED's for the front and rear lights.
Apr. 8
I woke up this morning to find out that two of the fishes died. It was heartbreaking since I had hoped that they would have eaten the fish food. Well, at least I have one obedient fish swimming around in the fish bowl.
Apr. 7
After chruch, I drove to the pet store that was in the mall. To my surprise the store was replaced with another store, so I walked into Zellers and purchased two small containers of fish pet food. I sprinked a small amount of food, and only one of the three fishes was eating it. The other two simply swam around, not bothering to eat it.
Apr. 6
Visited a good friend of mine who hasn't been to work because of a shoulder injury. We went to a dinner banquet and for two dollars, brought home a bowl of goldfishes. As I was driving home I took a sharp right and the bowl tipped over. Quickly I scooped up as much water as I could into the bowl and then rushed to the nearest gas station to purchase a bottle of water, and to purchase some gas too.
Mar. 2
A life changing event indeed, I am now married to a lovely lady named Carolina. The wedding was wonderful and I was dressed in a white tuxedo, and my wife had a custom made dress, designed in India. Only 150 guests arrived, and noone from my workplace was there, even when I made the invitations and posted them up all over the workplace.
2001 A.D.
Nov. 18
So much, or should I say too many events transpired during the month of October, that I haven't sat down and updated the site. Okay, it is time for me to update it when I get a chance, so here goes. It was the month of Initial D, I rented out four episodes from Anime Jyanai, and I came back with a craving for the entire series. So I bought the entire TV series and the movie on DVD. It's a great series, with all the race car scenes done in CG, and a lightning fast Eurobeat dance soundtrack! A couple of Initial D CD's later and I was on my way to a great time. I also added fog lamps to the car, and it just looks wonderful at night. You Macross fans should drop by J-Hobby and check out the cool VF-1A Valkyire! Looks much better than the original version, but it's pretty pricey, $138.00. Still, it's a limited production, so get it while it's still around.

On November 2, after watching the movie, The One, I came back to discover that the driver's side view mirror had been smashed. It was really heart breaking, and it shows how low people can get when they want to have fun at other people's expenses. I went to ICBC, and this week it will be replaced.

Nov. 13
Purchased the VF-1A from J-Hobby.
Nov. 6
Purchased the Second Stage and the Special Stage of Initial D and the entire TV series of Gundam Wing on DVD.
Nov. 2
Someone decided to have some fun with my car and smashed the driver's side view mirror.
Oct. 31
Finished installing the fog lamps and took it out for a test drive in the evening.
Oct. 30
Began to install fog lamps for my car.
Oct. 27
I went shopping with my friend and we bought a slice of Tiramisu from a bakery in the mall. It's so creamy and sweet...mmmm!!
Oct. 22
Purchased the First Stage and the Third Stage (movie) of Intial D on DVD format from JPop Help. It's located next to Anime Jyanai. I just bought myself two new umbrellas, since the old ones met their demise by the unseen, yet powerful winds at the Tswasseen terminal. My new "big" version is very sturdy, with twin steel frames to prevent it from flipping inside out.
Oct. 6
A good friend of mine was leaving to find work in Japan, so we held a going away party. Go-kart racing, dinner at a Japanese restaurant, video games at the arcade, and chilling out at a tea bar. I took about 90 photos and a short 10 second movie, with my digital camera. It was the first time that I tried deep fried ice cream!
Sept. 26
The last two website banners were finished.
Sept. 25
I discovered that Corel Draw has a fuction to convert it's files to PDF format. A new group from Avex Trax has released it's debut CD single. The group is called, Hipp's and you can listen to a preview of their song here.
Sept. 24
All of the menu buttons have been completed, and most of the pages have been redesigned. I just need to know how to create a PDF document from a JPG image file, and to do that I need the software which has been eluding my search.
Sept. 20
Began to collect the background images, created the menu buttons, and layed out the title screen.
Sept. 15
My good friend, Hugh, told me about this place in Richmond that sells and buys second hand Transformers and gave me this business card. He wasn't sure where the place was, but he heard about all this cool stuff that they had. Well my other friend walked in the door, and I convinced him to go down to Richmond and visit this place. I was amazed at the merchandise that they have. For $15, I bought a red Microman figure which came with a flight backpack. Connect the backpack to the figure, press a button on the backpack and the LED in the center of the chest lights up. The name of the store is Ultra Action Toys, and I'll post the location of this cool place in the Shopping List.
Sept. 12
Made a decision to redesign my personal website, now that I'm no longer doing the Anime Showcase ads, updating the VJAS and Anime Jyanai websites. It feels much better not having to deal with driving from White Rock to Vancouver. So I'll get back to my life which I had put on the shelf for over a year. Well, let's see, I submitted numerous suggestions on how to make VJAS a great place to hang out, outdoor social activites, weekend trips, and in-house parties. But time and time again I got the same response, "Oh, 'we' don't have time for that." Not my problem anymore. Now a great burden has been lifted off my shoulder. My official (and final) resignation date is October 1, 2001.
Sept. 9
The One Year of Silence is now over, and bad rumours about me have spread through the workplace. But, I have a special friend in my life, Denise, and her strength has made it possible for me to forget about this troubling girl at work.
June 4
The most horrible thing has happened, my Mom in her rage, destroyed my airbrush. So now I can't airbrush my hobby kits, or even finish putting them togther. But I'm not going to let that stop me, I have an idea as to where I can continue to do airbrushing work and finish constructing my model kits. I won't be defeated by narrow-minded people!
2000 A.D.
June 16
The beginning of the end for me, and the prelude to the One Year of Silence for this website. I was attracted to this girl at work, and fearing that I would see her again, I presented to her a pink rose, and offered my friendship. It was wonderfull for the first two weeks, then the disaster struck. She began to ignore me and shot mean stares at me, making it difficult for me to work.
May 20
Added a brief summary about the shops in the Shopping Guide.
May 15
Updated and uploaded the Main page and the What's New page.
May 14
I went on a shopping spree at J-Hobby, purchasing about $200 worth of merchandise! My wonderful Transformers had arrived and so I picked up Fire Convoy, Mach Alert, and Wild Ride. Plus I purchased June's edition of Hobby Japan.
May 8
My wonderful IBM monitor has now become a gigantic paper weight. So for now I'm using the monitor from our spare computer until I have the time and money to buy another one.
May 6
After watching my friends play Dance Dance Revolution 2 and 3 for months on end, I musted up my courage and gave it a try. Okay so I failed miserably on every game, but it's alot of fun! So I'm going to do better the next time I play it.
May 4
Went to Toys 'R Us and purchased the Transmetal Optimal Optimus.
May 3
Final episode of Transformers: Beast Machines aired on YTV. After watching it, I knew what had to be done...
April 23
More updates to the Whats New, JPop Review, and the Upcomming Events pages.
March 31
As of yesterday, I have officially resigned from the Vancouver Japanese Animation Society. But that is not all. After having my car inspected for damages, and talking to the Claims person about the false information provided by the witness, he said that her statement is, 'a nail in the coffin' for me so therefore I am 100% at fault for the accident. I don't care about paying the costs, all I care about is an factual, honest account of what actually happened, not a fabricated story from a daydreaming witness who was biased towards the old man! Well, I am letting ICBC handle this case, in order to avoid any more false claims from the other party. On a happy note, I have uploaded the updated material for the JPop Review page.
March 28
Well since noone visits my site anyway, I'll put this up as a personal note for myself. After giving a couple of ads to the storekeeper of Hobby Plus, I was on East Broadway on my route to White Rock, when a driver hit me from behind. Of course a couple of ladies jumped up and offered their business cards to the old man as witnesses of this accident. The only damage done to his car was a square inch of paint peeling in a spider web pattern at the front of the bumper. There was no damage done to the bumper of my car. I drove to Anime Jyanai and phoned ICBC and told my truthful side of the story, where I had to steer into the lefthand lane (which was clear) and came to a full stop. A couple of seconds later I heard a screetch four seconds long, a shor bit of silence, and then my car was hit. Actually it felt like someone lightly pushed down on the back of my car. We got out and inspected the damage, then drove to a side street and exchanged information. After telling ICBC that, I drove home, not expecting the worst would happen. There was a message for me when I returned home, so I phoned the ICBC number. It turns out that the witness said that I was inbetween the lanes when the accident occurred, and that first of all I had cut him off and the poor driver had to swerve to avoid hitting me. So ICBC made the decision that the accident was 100% my fault and I had to pay the damages. I can't believe that the witness fabricated a story and ICBC believed her. Well now I have to pay $350 for the damage, and $250 for the Accident Fee for ICBC. After this nonsense, I really wonder if there is some justice in this crazy city of Vancouver. I honestly don't think so. I have been very upset, hurt, and in a lot of mental pain. I have also made the decision to quit the VJAS and resign my position in my duties in designing, printing, and distribution of the VJAS Anime Showcase ads, and the VJAS newsletter. Honestly, I have had enough of the politics in there and I don't want any part of it. When I took over the role, people took notice what I had done and were really impressed with the material being produced on time and it's new look. So I am putting the ICBC incident behind me, although I am angry at the witness giving a false report and making me completely responsible. So here is my question to the guy who hit me, "How fast were you going, was your intention not to let me in and you had to stop quickly when I got in the lane, were you paying attention to the road and not to something else, and did you think that you could get away with this travesty of justice?! Remember, what goes around comes around!
March 22
Made some minor changes to the layout of the Links page, due to an anomaly in the HTML code. Pictures for most of the albums and CD singles have been added to the JPop Review page.
March 17
Uploaded the Links page, and this laptop is really great! Now I can go somewhere and do the work on my site without being interrupted. Because noone has requested to see the new set of photos for the Photo Gallery, I will not be adding any new photos.
March 15
Within a weeks time, I have been able to update the Links page, and began to work on this page as well.
March 9
After purchasing a handful of kits and other wonderful goodies, I realized after a couple of months later that I should really update the site.
1999 A.D.
Dec. 2
Now all of the pages have music, so now you can browse through the site and listen to some tunes!
Nov. 17
My custom Raiden kit has arrived, and I picked up another Mercedes Benz kit. Really I can't help it, I love Mercedes Benz cars!
Nov. 3
Now that I have the software up and running to create my new Web buttons, I can start redoing all of the graphic buttons.
Oct. 26
Went browsing through Imperial Hobbies in Richmond, and I found the model kit I've been looking for the Commanche RAH-66. It's an Italian made kit and at the 1/70 scale it comes with lots of missiles to mount on the hard points and a decal sheet. For only $10 it was a deal of a price!
Oct. 24
Began working on the Gundam DX 1/144 scale kit.
Oct. 21
Major updates to all of the pages. Creating two new pages and will add them to the site, hopefully sometime this month.
Oct. 12
Purchased the 1/100 scale Master Grade metal plated version of the RX-78 GP-01Fb. It is a very nice kit and it comes with a figurine of the pilot Kou Uraki.
Oct. 8
Purchased the 1/100 scale Gundam Wing 0 Custom from Hobby Plus. Why I bought it, I'll never know.
Oct. 3
Fixed a problem with the 'sending email' part, and the main page has been updated.
Sept. 29
Updated the Hobby Kit Review by adding reviews for the 1/144 scale Gundam Wing kits.
Sept. 17
Purchased the Custom Set #2 for the Perfect Grade Zaku.
Sept. 4
My first purchase of a non-mecha model kit, the Mercedes Benz C320.
Aug. 30
Updated the web pages.
Aug. 15
Updated the main web page.
July 29
Placed the final touches to the website, and will upload the updated version on Saturday
July 27
After weeks of looking at my partially completed Wing Gundam 0 (1/60 scale) lying on the table, I decided to finish applying the decals, minor airbrushing work on unpainted parts, and applying a dull coat of lacquer to my fully assembled kit. And now it stands next to my Perfect Grade Gundam
July 25
Purchased the 1/72 scale Fei-Yen kit from this new hobby store that opened up next to Yaohan Center.
July 16
Purchased the Master Grade Dom and the Custom Set #1 for the Perfect Grade Zaku.
June 14
Updated the Web pages.
June 4
Purchased the Perfect Grade Zaku II from Hobby Plus.
May 29
Completed airbrushing the Perfect Grade Gundam and continued to work on the 1/60 scale Gundam Wing 0.
May 27
Repainted VR-Raiden in red (2 player colour scheme) and completed airbrushing the kit.
May 15
Purchased the Custom Set #2 for the Perfect Grade Gundam kit.
May 5
Purchased the VR-Raiden at Hobby Plus in Vancouver, but I'll probably paint it using the 'Player 2' colour scheme.
May 3
After recieving comments about a lack of 'visual imagery', I've decided to add pictures into the pages.
Apr. 25
My second time using Claris Home Page, and I've covered alot of territory! This is a really great Web page editor!
Apr. 24
After viewing my Web pages in IE and Netscape, I realized that I had a lot of work ahead of me in order to neatly arrange the text on the screen.
Apr. 18
After creating my Web page, I felt that there was something missing. I wanted to learn how to use the HTML language, but it took me a while to force myself to redesign the page.
Apr. 3
Begin to build my Perfect Grade Gundam RX-78-2
Apr. 2
Finished designing my Web page, after a long delay.
Feb. 17
I found out how easy it was to clog an airbursh nozzle, don't add any thinner.
Jan. 12
Begin working on my Web page.

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