Shopping List

Places to go, places to see, and gifts to buy for yourself and your friends. These are the places where I do most of my shopping and my major purchases. They have lots to offer, so come down and shop around.
Shopping Spree
The Shops Their Merchandise
Anime Jyanai
4280 Slocan Street
Vancouver, B.C.
(604) 240-8680
The 'hangout' for VJAS members, and it also serves as a store where you can rent out commercial released Anime, fan subtitled, and rare and obscure shows in their original dialogue (which means no dubbing or subtitles). Membership is an annual fee of $20, but after that it's $15 for every consecutive year. Having a membership allows you to rent out the fan subtitled Anime, attend the Anime Showcase at Douglas College for free, and an opportunity to make new friends and be an active member in the Anime community.
Iwase Books Vancouver
Yaohan Centre Suite
2535, 3700 No.3 Road
(604) 231-0717 
If all else fails, then this is the place to go to buy all of your Anime books. I have made a majority of my Anime purchases, especially all of my Gundam Wing artbooks, at this place. They carry a large selection of imported Japanese books ranging from cooking to computers to Anime. Membership, which costs $25, will entitle you to 10% discount of books and CD's.
Union Square
#1333-8368 Capstan Way,
(604) 207-6938 
This place opened up in 1999, and has been the best place to purchase Anime related items. Prices are more than reasonable, and they carry mainstream and mostly speciality items that you will never find anywhere else such as plush characters, keychains, garage kits, figurines, poseable and transformable toys, and model kits. I should know this because I've ordered and purchased lots of goodies from this place, ranging from Virtual On toys to Card Captor Sakura handkerchiefs.
Hobby Plus
(Vancouver location)
Fairchild Plaza
B23 - 525 West Broadway
(604) 708-0369 
If you're looking for a store that carries the biggest stock of Japanese model kits, then look no further! They have the best and biggest selection of model kits that I've ever seen. Customers who have made purchases over a certain dollar limit, become a special member and are entitiled to a 20% discount on items, except for speciality items. They have three stores, but the Vancouver location has the best selection. Please refer to their website for more information.
Ultra Action Toys
#2075-8888 Odlin Crescent,
Richmond, B.C.
(604) 273-2687
Truly a one stop shop for buying, selling, and trading in your Transformer toys. Great prices on newly released toys, and probably a better alternative than EBay to getting your hands on old mecha toys. Their expertise is in North American and Japanese action figures and collectible toys. So if you have some Transformer toys you don't need, don't throw it away, come on down and get some money for it.
Fashion 99
#2325-3700 No.3 Road   
Richmond, B.C.
Carries a great selection of Anime, Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Korean pop music. They have the best prices around for all of your music tastes, and if you can't find what you're looking for, then they will order the CD's for you. Keep buying lots of CD's and you will recieve a card entitling you to a 10% discount on their merchandise. This is another place where I make most of my CD purchases.
Poly Entertainment Co.
Parker Place
1320-4380 No.3 Road,
Richmond, B.C.
(604) 270-7186 
Another CD store that carries a great selection of CD's! If you're looking for original Japanese CD's then this is the place to get them, and they do sell VCD's of famous artists such as Ayumi Hamasaki. Buy lots of merchandise, and you'll get a membership card which will help you save money, providing you with a 10% discount.
J's Shop
Parker Place II
1830-4311 Hazelbridge Way
(604) 278-1823 
This shop carries a wide variey of Anime on VCD and DVD, at really great prices! They also sell knock off Playstation games and JPop and Chinese CD's, and VCD music videos. And, if you're interested, they do carry a wide selection of Asian VCD tv episodes and movies. This is the best place to buy your Anime, and with specials on VCD's like "3 for $25" you get more for your money.

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