These are the sites that I like to visit regularly. If you're interests are similar to mine, or are just curious go to these cool sites. They're loaded with great stuff, and I know you won't be disappointed. So what are you waiting for?

Title Description
Anime Turnpike
The Internet's largest Anime website listing from websites, news, club links, fan homepages, and other Anime related resources.
Gundam Project Introduction
Everything you need to know about the popular Gundam series.
Hobby Link Japan
Get the latest information on a wide assortment of model and garage kits and hobby books from Japan. Various merchandise for hobby enthusiasts and Anime fans. Items are purchased via mail order.
JPop Help Multimedia Superstation
Music videos, MP3's, and information about the latest CD's. Covering a wide range of JPop and Anime that you may not find on other Web sites. The best place to get your JPop music videos!
Virtual On Fan
An interesting Virtual On site.
JPop Central
The world of JPop has never been better! This site has the latest news, releases of new CD's, and MP3 samples for your listening pleasure.
Ayumi Hamasaki Ring
The Bomis Web Ring has everything you need to know about the famous singer, Ayumi Hamasaki.
The best looking Virtual On site that I've seen in a long time! Lots of interesting insight about VOOM and VOOT, plus profile on the VR's.
Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram
Another great Virtual On site with insightful hints and suggestions on becomming an excellent player.
SiVOC Homepage
Virtual On club in Singapore, with information about the game. IN addition, they have a chat room, which is a great place to meet your fellow Virtualoid pilots.
Terra's Gundam Wing Corner
Fan fics, and stuff about her favourite show, Gundam Wing.
Fei Yen Knight Quarters
Virtual On site, with lots of interesting information about the game.
Psy-D's World
My best friends website, which has sampled music and is updated on a regular basis.
Chad's Home Page
A friend's site, which is sort of under construction. Sampled music, rants (or should I say complaints) about everything and anything that comes to mind. Enter at your own risk. :)
KRV's Secret Hideout
My friends site, with lots of information on upcomming games and other relevant information related to Anime.
My Complete Namie
Everything you needed to know about another famous singer, Namie Amuro.
Transformer World 2005
The best site for information on the latest Transformer series in Japan, Transformers: Car Robots. Lots of MP3 remixes to download, image gallery, 25+ episodes plus two fan subtitled episodes of Car Robots to download, and links to other cool sites!
Japanese Transformers The Basics 2
Transformers in Japan, and the various series we never saw.
CG works, including custom designs for the VR's of Virtual On. This site is Japanese only.
Macross TC for Shogo: MAD
A fan site that allows you to customize your Shogo game to use Macross Valkyries.
Anime JPop Song
New releases with sampled music you can listen to.
Valkyrie Simulation Project
A non-commercial game, using a Valkyrie to move around in an simulated environment.
DK's Sailor Moon Games Page
Reviews of various Anime games, and downloads of various Sailor Moon games. You'll need to download the emulator as well.
Rockman's Robots In Disguise
Tons of MPG video clips to download. From the 1984 era to the Beast Machines, just click away and make sure you have lots of room on your hard drive!
Rob's Transformers Guide
A guide to the Japanese Transformer series, fan fics, toy reviews, news, and BotCon reports.
A very nice looking site, with new JPop songs to download.
Hamasaki Ayumi
Another great Ayumi Hamasaki site. MP3 samples from various CD's and translations of her songs.
Ayumi Hamasaki - A Homepage for XX
Video clips, MP3 music samples, translations of her songs, upcomming news about her CD releases, and a picture gallery. Another excellent site to visit!
3 of 5
Dance and Dream (D&D) fan site.

Title Description
Vancouver's first premier Anime convention.
Sakura Con
The Pacific Northwest's premier Anime convention. Based in the Seattle-Tacoma area of Washington State.
Anime Expo
North America's largest premier Anime convention. It is the heart of all the Anime conventions!
Anime North
Toronto's premier Anime convention.
San Diego Comic Convention
North America's largest (and we mean LARGE) Comic convention. Over 48,500 attendees last year!
V-Con 26
Canada's oldest science fiction convention based here in Vancouver.

Fan Sites
Title Description
Stephen Cox Fanfiction Page
Stephen Cox's fan ficiton homepage, dedicated to Anime and the people around him. An interesting read.
The Trigun Portal
A Trigun fan page with information and graphics from Trigun. Just for a bonus, you get to use a litle P-Chan mouse pointer to click on links.

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The World of Akihabara Denno Gumi
A Cyberteam Akihabara fan site, with lots of information for those interested in the TV series and the movie.
Transformer World 2005
The best site for information on the latest Transformer series in Japan, Transformers: Car Robots. Lots of MP3 remixes to download, image gallery, 20+ episodes plus a fan subtitled episode of Car Robots to download, and links to other cool sites!

Sites of Interest
Title Description
IGN (gaming, etc.)
An enterainment website dedicated to gaming, sci-fi, and some wrestling. Has a few Anime reviews.
Anime Nation
Get the latest news on Anime, and order them online! (Note: As all other things online, prices are in U.S. currency)
Virtual On Fan
The best Virtual On site, loaded with information on being the best VR pilot in the game! Videos from the game, MP3's, and extensive FAQ, tips and hints, specs on the Virtualoids, and much much more!

Club Sites
Title Description
Vancouver Japanese Animation Society (VJAS)
VJAS offical homepage. With lists of sponsors, and the Anime Showcase (at Douglas College) schedule.
V-SWAT Homepage
Vancouver "Sleep is for Whimps" Anime Team homepage. Home to Ryan's Anime Review, the largest in North America.
Altered Realities Club
The official homepage of ARC, an Anime and Gaming club. Based in the Simon Frazer University campus (Burnaby Mountain).

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