Tread lightly on the thorns, little one

walk the winding trail

and when your feet are torn and bleeding

remember scent of roses

sweet song of robin

cradled in the soft arms of a summer night



 Leap your hurdles, little one

bear the weight of existence on your eyelids

and when you raise your weary gaze

remember old advice:

claim precious dreams

held in topaz-coloured twinkling of gentle stars



Laugh gaily with no mirth, little one

hear without listening

and when you close the gaudy cover

remember unearthing buried fears

when your past reached another's heart

and your future touched another's soul



Board runaway train, little one

earthbound on well-worn tracks

and when you plunge

soar on music

wings of sound in myriad shades

soar on art

the merging of the world within you and the world without









It's strange how you sometimes cannot explain lines that come into your head out of the blue. 

Writing them down is like capturing flitting ghosts before they disappear forever. 

I won't say much about these except that they were perhaps inspired by

a meaningful friendship - an eye-opener in more ways than one,

from which I learnt a lot, and which I am grateful for. 

As for the friend, well, like they always say... know who you are.  :)


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