Valentine's Day
A little History

Valentine's day as you & I know, it probably originated from the ancient belief tha birds {especially Love Birds} began to mate on the 14th of February.
On top of all that, in ancient Rome February the 15th was the Fertility Festival (Lupercalia) in honour of the pastoral god Lupercus.
Through the centuries it kind all got mixed up.
In modern times,  Saint Valentine's Day is a day dedicated to Lovers, a time to exchange sentimental feelings, and remembering always that Love exists.
But who was Saint Valentine?
He was born in Italy (Terni), in the year 175 a.c, he was the first Bishop in the city.  According to the legend he is the protector of the couples.  Saint Valentine died on the 14th of February by the order of the Roman council, he was martirized to death, for the only sin to have married a christian couple in the christian ritual in the day for the god Lupercus (the god of the fertility).  He was known to be dedicated to the church and he used to give red roses to each person who used to visit him.  One of the persons was a young man and a young woman who fell in love after meeting eachother while visiting Saint Valentine, and then got married.  And after that many couples did the same...and he helped them get married....that's from where came the traditions of Valentine's Day
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