Schwarz is the bad/evil group opposing WeiB in the series. [or course, you already know that so I'll just skip that boring stuff and get to the point]
     Here's some little tibits and info on on the these bad bad boys....a little too much,
I think. [You can never have too much of a good thing doesn't apply here, now does it? Is evil good or bad? LoL]

Me: So WeiB babes, what do ya think of my new Schwarz site?
Yoji: Urrgghhhhhhhh......
Omi: Umm...
Ken: Huh?
Me: Eeeeeeek! Sorry! ^_^* (sweatdrop)
Schwarz Main
Schreint Biographies
Weiss Biographies
Name: Brad Crawford
Nationality: American
Age: 27
Weapon: a gun, prediction of the future
Height: 180cm [6' 1"]
Personality Type: Cold, realist
    To get to the point, let's just say I don't really like Crawford too much. [hence the name "Crawfish"...yes, I call Crawford Crawfish] He can see a little ways into the future, and he's pretty wise, a little too wise. And serious, extremely serious. He's Reiji Takatori's "personal bodyguard" along with the others, except he's more so than the rest. A born leader.
Name: Schuldrich [German: Guilty]
Nationality: German
Age: 22
Weapon: a gun, dagger, manipulating, telepathy
Height: [dunno yet]
Personality type: He grins all the time for no reason...[but it's funny!]
    I like Schuldrich, even if he is a bad bad boy. He tricks Reiji Takatori into thinking Weiss killed his daughter Ooka when actually he did, and he enjoys reading other people's minds. [example: Sakura Tomoe when Aya-chan was taken by Schreint] He tricks people by telling little white lies here and there, making them think against each other. Altogether a liar and a cheat. ^_^
Name: Jei
Nationality: Irish
Age: 20
Weapon: Immunity to pain, insanity/craziness, knives
Height: [absolutely no idea]
Personality Type: This guy is just plain insane...but that's why I like him! ^_^;
    Farfello's mother Ruth sacrificed herself for his sake. He was brought up by another family, however, and when he found out, he went insane and killed the foster family. Ruth, his true birth mother, had been the one to tell him. He scarred her hands with a sword or stick of some sort while trying to kill her. Ruth worked as a nun in a convent, teaching a Sunday school religious class. Jei loved that class, but grew up to hate it worse than anything, close to God but hating Him still. In the end he kills Ruth himself anyway, hurting Ken and Omi who were trying to protect her. Ruth tells him had she turned him in when he killed his family [which deep down inside he understands but keeps trying to deny it and blame it on God] he wouldn't have compounded his hate so far down. She pitied her son, loved her son more than anything. And her love was turned away. Farfello pitied himself, saying he was the victim, he was the victim. But in truth he was the one to kill. The victims ought be pitied, not the murderer. He hated the world, blaming everything on others.
Nagi Naoe
Name: Nagi Naoe
Nationality: Japanese
Age: 15
Weapon: telekinesis [he's known for blowing up and collapsing buildings...]
Height: 160cm [5' 2.5"]
Personality Type: Dark, quiet
    Nagi is the youngest of the four, and his past is clouded. He grew up hating the society in which we all live in. He grew up in poverty, knowing the streets were cold and the people even crueller and extremely hard, stingy, and callous. He wished to fight for revenge, to avenge his hate for the awful society he had to put up with for the younger days of his childhood.
     He loves Toto [for some reason no one can pinpoint] and almost kills himself to save her, though she gets shot anyway. [that doesn't necessarily mean she's dead] He tries to get her to leave Schreint, Masafumi, everybody, for the sake of her life. She doesn't, but somebody [I don't exactly remember, I think Schuldrich or Crawford] shoots her because she is getting in the way. Nagi becomes furious with rage and blows up the building, holding her in his arms. When everything is over, Yoji himself puts their hands together as they lay, half-lifeless under the heaps of rubble. He comments on Nagi's love for Toto, though the others don't seem to really notice. But Yoji would know, Yoji would know.
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