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There is a Tamil adage that none ought to live in an area where there is no temple - "Koil illa oorril kutierukka vendaam". This is indeed a meaningful statement for, the temple does radiate a divine and pure atmosphere which elevates the mental and spiritual levels of those who live in the vicinity. It is all the more important that the temple is built in accordance with rules prescribed in the Agamic texts so as to radiate the divinity benefiting the people. While this is applicable to all temples built for the worship of the presiding deity, devotees from his part goes to temple with faith and offer his prayer with all sincerity.

Today in India there are innumerable Anjaneya temples that are built in accordance with the Agama rules and consecration of deities and performance of pujas made as prescribed. But only very few attains the Greatness that had been seen by the time. In time to come some of the temple losses its glory, for reasons best known to Sri Anjaneya Swami. The daily pujas, however, may continue and may never be interrupted during the intervening period. Nevertheless the temple remains in obscuration for some time. Many reasons could be attributed for this, but in my view the main cause could be that of the devotees' mind and concentration, the relation that he develops with Him. If the temple has to radiate a divine and pure atmosphere, which could, elevates the mental and spiritual level of the devotee, then devotee also has to go to the temple with pure mind and with sanctified intention. They reciprocate to each other thus they aid each other.

Many seers, poets, sants, and devotees who had not asked anything for their self must have visited the ancient temples. Lots of prayers must have been offered. As the diamond glitters more with the fine cuttings, so also the temple does radiate a divine and pure atmosphere when more devotees with sanctified mind and intention offer their prayer there. He is the giver, hence don't ask, and for he gives even before you ask, for he knows what you required to be equipped with. 

Let us make it a point to visit an ancient temple at every opportunity, be it Anjaneya Swami temple or Hanuman Mandir or Maruti Gudi.

01. Sri Veera Anjaneya Temple of Mylapore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
02. Sri Mukhya Praana (Anjaneya) Temple of Triplicane, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
03. Sri Veera Mangala Anjaneya temple, Nallatore village, Tiruttani taluk, TN
04. Sri Yoga Anjaneya temple, Solingar, Tamil Nadu
05. Sri Jaya Veera Anjaneya Swamy at Tanjavur, Tamil Nadu
06. Sri Sitarama Dasa Anjaneya Temple of Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu
07. Sri Veera Anjaneya Temple of Chengalput, Tamil Nadu
08. Sri Sanjeevirayan Temple of Iyenkulam, Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu
09. Sri Veera Anjaneya Temple of Ananthamangalam, Tamil Nadu
10. Sri Anjaneya of Namakkal Digambara Temple, Tamil Nadu
11. Sri Jaya Anjaneya of Lalapet, Karur, Tamil Nadu 
12. Sri Kallukuzi Anjaneya Temple of Trichy, Tamil Nadu
13. Sri Veera Anjaneya Temple of Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu
14. Sri Anuvavi Anjaneya Temple, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. 
15. Sri Anjaneya Swamy temple near nalu kal mandap in Tanjavur,Tamil Nadu.
16. Sri Anjaneya temple [Bunk] of Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu
17. Sri Dasa Anjaneya of Sri Pattabirama Temple,
               Pudhu Agraharam, Thiruviyaru, T Nadu.
18. Sri Pratapah Veera Hanumar or Moolai Anjaneyar Temple, T Nadu.
19. Sri Rama Baktha Anjaneya Temple, Saidapet, Chennai.
20. Sri Veera Anjaneya Temple, Bawa Swami Agraharam, Thiruviyaru, T.nadu.
21  Sri Anjaneya temple, North Bank, Potramarai tank, Kumbakonam, T.Nadu.
22. Sri Anjaneya Swami temple, Bazzar Street, Kumbakonam, T.Nadu
23. Sri Twin Anjaneya, Pattiswaram, Kumbakonam, T Nadu

01. Sri Dasanjaneya of Machavaram, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
02. Sri Nettikanti Anjaneya Temple, Kasapuram, Andhra Pradesh.
03.Gandi Veera Anjaneya of Gandi, Cuddapah, Andhra Pradesh

01. Sri Anjaneya of Haumarambalam, Payyanur, Kerala.
02. Sri Kote Anjaneya Temple, Palaghat, Kerala.
03. Sri Hanuman Ambalam of Alathoor, Malappuram, Kerala
04. Sri Rama and Sri Hanuman Temple, Triprayar, Kerala.

01. Sri Karanji Anjaneya Temple of Basavangudi, Bangalore, Karnataka
02. Sri Gali Anjaneya Temple of Mysore road, Bangalore, Karnataka
03. Sri Kere Anjaneya Temple of Sringeri, Karnataka

01. Sri Pracheen Hanuman Mandir of New Delhi

01. Sri Digambara temple of Hanuman at Sidhabari, Himachal Pradesh
02. Sri Hanuman Mandir,Jakhoo hill. Simla, Himachal Pradesh
03. Sri Hanumana Mandir of Mankey point at Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh

01. Sri Viswaroopa Anjaneya Swamy at Nerul, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

01. Sri Mahavir Temple, Sirulee, Puri Dist, Orissa

01. Sri Panki Hanuman Temple of Panki, Kanpur, Uttara Pradesh
02. Sri Hanuman badi temple (Old) of aliganj of Lucknow,Uttara Pradesh 
03. Sri Hanuman badi temple (New) of aliganj of Lucknow, Uttara Pradesh
04. Sri Sankata Mochana Hanuman of Varanasi, Uttara Pradesh

01. Sant Kamali ka Sri Hanuman Temple of Bhopal, M Pradesh
02. Sri Chola Hanuman Temple of Bhopal, M Pradesh
03. Sri Sankata Mochan Hanuman Mandir of Jaivilas Palace, Gwalior, M Pradesh

01. Sri Sankata Mochan Hanuman of Dudhadhari Mutt, Raipur, Chhattisgarh


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