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Hi Friends! It is us again...Ewok and Ernie..a long time being away from having our OWN page & things have really changed in the land of Web pages! We used to have a silly Page over in Prodigy where we put our silly pictures of us and sometimes of our friends too! But it went away when Momma changed puters and then changed services and all kinds of stuff changed in our comfy furry world. Even the Internet! It got bigger and brighter and there were lots more puppies getting much kewler web pages! So we decided to start all over again and moved in here to Geocities where we hope we can learn how to make a really neato page too! So far we are really behind the times..and must apologize for this silly page! We promise to get better! Keep your paws crossed and your ears flopped back in hopes we can even get this one launched! LOL
(ps, this part of the webpage will remain the same....forever) Ewok is gone today....9/21/99, but lives on with this, her page And now Ernie gone but not forgotten....11/20/02.

This collage is getting bigger by the day! If you would like to be included....please ask!? Email our Mom your picture!... We love it! & would love to include everyone!

Put your paw on Peyton's nose....and it will take you to the newest feature on his page. The babies of our lives. Please feel free to let your baby join the ranks.....First names only published for the little ones.

Just for starts....we are Lhasa Apsos..Ernie was 16 3/4 and is now with his Mom Ewok helping her guard all of our furends and famblees & I am (Ewok..I am waitin fur all my deer friends.... 14 10/12th! & I am watchin all of ya! Sew..U better be good! ) (PeeEss...don't be sad..I am comfy!) We lived in Arlington VA and are interested in all doggie breeds... just write and introduce yourself and when we get our act together.. will try to include our friends in our online antics! But give us time.. we are new pups at this stuff! We are only Semi-responsible for what Momma puts on here! Talk to all of you very soon! Stop by and visit anytime! And......PLEASE.....sign our Lonesome guestbook! Love Wokee J Monster Puppy and Ernest Da Bucket! BTW...we measure.....happiness ONE Tweetie at a time !

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12/14/02 Hope you enjoy! By the way...the picture of MY Mom...with the Doggie in the Updated picture above was Mom's first Doggie His name was Tucker and he was one Yr older than Mom .... Love at first doggie sight we guess! Funny thing....she is still feeding dog's right out of that same PAW! Tucker would have been 50 ! on May 27, 2001 geesh.....And I thought I was an old guy at 16 3/4 all!
PS.....A final thought from Ernie da Bucket: There's a tear in her eye....and I'm wondering why.... for it never should be there at all........ Ernie da bucket, tourney at paws 04-13-86/11-20-02
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