PREDIX Saint Bernards

We bought our first Saint Bernard, Chloe, in 1988. She was a very hard-working and fun-loving dog. As is usually the case, a first Saint Bernard always retains a special place in our memories.

Chloe as a pup

Chloe relaxing after GWSBC Obedience Competition
Chloe relaxing after competing in Greater Washington Saint Bernard Club Specialty Show.

Chloe (Moonlite's Lady Chloe CD) earned her Companion Dog Title and competed in Open Competition before she retired due to the stress of the jumping. Her brighest moment in the Sun was competing in the 1996 SBCA National Specialty Show in the Veteran Obedience Class.

She loved carting and participated in several parades as well as pulling all of the neighborhood children around our back yard.

Chloe at Warrenton Parade Chloe at Warrenton's 4th of July Parade

Bot and Chloe beg for popcorn
Bot and Chloe Relaxing and Worshipping

Chloe's littermate Bot was the next to our family.
Moonlite's Bot's high point in the Show Ring was being selected Winner's Dog at the GWSBC Spring Specialty Show.
Bot at GWSBC

Here are two of the puppies from our litter which was delivered on October 16, 1998.

Brandy Station's Stormy Knight X Heidlebar's Galena V Nebo
Select here to see pictures of the rest of the litter and their pedigree.

Predix Crystal at 8 weeks Predix Aquila V Heidlebar at 8 weeks

Predix Crystal

Predix Aquila V Heidlebar
Best Puppy in Sweeps at GWSBC Show
23 April 1999

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