This many wannabe juggalo's Hate This Page

"Hey Shaggs, Let's Cut Their Balls Off!"

"Who's Going Ball Huntin'?, We's Goin Ball Huntin!"

"Yo!, Great J, Mess With A RedNeck Truck Drivers Balls, Then He Ripped Off Ours And Gave US A Piledriver," "Hay Shaggs You Rappin'"

"Let The Ringamaster At Your Balls, Had'nt You!"

I Am The Ball Master, I Use Balls As a Sorce Of Evil Power!, I Am Always In Disguise To Prevent From Being Killed, Huhhh Huhh FUCK YOU!

"Hi, I'm Alex Abbis I Run The Insane Ball Posse. IBP 4 Life!"

"Listen Bitch, Disney Stool Our Balls We Never Sent Them Our Balls Our Shxt!"

"Yeah J, We Signed Up Disney 'cause we did'nt want money, We don't need Money, We Wanted Balls!"

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