Hollow Earth

"Turning up my collar
Welcome the unknown
Remembered that you'd said
Someday you'll walk alone"
-Megadeth. Addicted to Chaos.

All the previous rubbish has been edited on account of it being of no interest to anyone...I'll try and get something a little less lame than "Hi - my name's barbie...I love you very much!"

If you wanna see pictures of me and friends then go to Vinee's site in the links to friends bit at the bottom.

I guess that I should put up some links to try and aleviate your boredom if you've got this far...

I'm back online now so my site'll be updated with cool stuff soonish. Watch this space. Also have access to a digital camera so maybe I'll put up some mug shots...

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"In the drowsy dark cave of the mind
dreams build their nest with fragments
dropped from the day's caravan."
-Rabindranath Tagore.

Last updated 07 April 2005

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