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    This page, when completed, will show you some of the things that you shouldn't 
do with various Role Playing Games. It will also have fun ideas, Char sheets, 
and other ideas for the games in it.

    Please come back soon to see it.

My Stuff here. Here's a picture of a mech done by Andrei Martinskis(a classmate). AD&D Rules Lawyering. White Wolf's Worst Munchies. Palladium Power Gaming.(mostly Heroes Unlimited and Rifts, but some turtles.) Shadowrun Rules Rigging. Fill out my form for a link to your page here. My links page. Methods of dealing with munchkins. Guide to GMing by Khaine. An anti munchkin success story by Apocalyptic Joe. Sign My Guestbook... please View My Guestbook

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