World Husky Organization Alliance (WHOA) WHOA!

Welcome to the
World Husky Organization Alliance

The Official Colonel Taz Headquarters


Greetings Troops! I am Colonel Taz
Leader of the World Husky Organization Alliance

In this site you will find the nerve center for the husky alliance for world order.
The following command centers are open to non-commissioned officers.

For an introduction to Colonel Taz and some of his communiques, visit this fellow Husky Encampment.

Despite the rigors of duty, Colonel Taz has a sense of humor and thoroughly enjoys a good joke.

You can meet other members of the World Husky Organization Alliance (civilian photos only): Husky Howllow and Mt. Hood Huskies.

Colonel Taz is a member of the Southern California Siberian Husky Social Club. All huskies are welcome to come to the weekly meetings.

Everybody, both canine and human, like to go to the park. Did you know that there are several "Dog Parks" in the Southern California area? These are parks open especially for dogs and their owners. If you know of any others, report to Colonel Taz.

For more information about Siberian Huskies, Sleddog Racing, and Husky Rescue.

A good resource about Siberian Huskies, and a great chance to hear from Husky owners, are the mail lists, Sibernet-L and Sleddog-L. If you want to sign up for a mail list, just type the message "subscribe sibernet-L" (or "subscribe sleddog-L") in the body of e-mail and send to (Don't type anything in the subject heading.)

HERE IS THE SITE FOR INFORMATION ON THE UPCOMING TAZ ADVENTURES BOOK --"Dogged...and Determined" TAZ ADVENTURES BOOK or Dogged...and Determined for humans and here is book information for huskies: (secret husky book information)
Requests for orders, field and front line battlefront communiques
are conducted via e-mail at: or sign Colonel Taz's Diplomatic Registry.

Please come back soon and visit.

Siberian Husky Ring

This Siberian Husky Ring site
is owned by Colonel Taz.

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