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"Modern Prometheus"
"Till Death" & "Through a Glass, Darkly"
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Sounds from "Modern Prometheus"

Byron/Methos: I say we take her...
Methos: Perhaps, dear Mary, life is not truly journey's end...
Byron: THAT was a very good try.
Duncan/Joe: "Don't hold yourself responsible for it." "Hey, you would."
Methos/Byron: It used to be more than a show...
Byron: Decency means nothing.
Byron: Do you want a tombstone that says...
Methos: You're not listening to me-- I don't want a tombstone.
Byron: Look at her. FEEL her hunger...
Mary/Methos: "What have I to offer in such company?" "Your heart..."
Methos/Byron: "Who do you think is going to live longest?" "Who cares?" "I do."
Byron: You know what I've become.

"Till Death" & "Through a Glass, Darkly"

File 1 sounds.

Methos: That is the $64,000 question.
Methos/Duncan: I was married...
Methos: Do I look like an actor?
Duncan: We're just protecting 'er assets.
Methos: Part of my charm.
Methos: I'll cook it for you sometime.
Duncan: Great.
Methos: I haven't felt guilt since the 11th century.
Methos: Yeah, but I want to see me live happily ever after even more.
Methos: I wouldn't stay at any hotel that Adam Pierson could afford.
Methos: It's finally happened. You've lost you're mind.
Methos: Oh no, that's not fair. You're making it personal now.
Methos: Read my lips... N. O.
Methos: Okay, you didn't come here to exchange recipes.
Methos: So lure him outside and take his head. Problem solved.

File 2 sounds.

Methos: I don't give a damn.
Methos: That's the deal, take it or leave it.
Duncan/Methos: "Fine." "Good." "Good." "Right."
Duncan: With friends like you, who needs enemies?
Methos: Ohhhh, I dunno-- pretty funny from here.
Methos: Like you say, darling, I'm an actor.
Methos: I can explain-- it was a joke.
Methos: Hey, I need a place to live.
Methos: Gotta do something about this music. There's no Springsteen, no Queen...
Methos: My chair now!
Methos: Have a nice day.
Methos: I was just thinking the same thing.
Methos: Yeah, I'm serious.
Methos/Robert de Valicourt: Showtime.
Duncan: Oh really? I think I should take your head.

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Previous Episodes

File 3 sounds.

Methos: It's because you think I'm English-- it's my accent...
Methos: Yeah-- I can see that that could get a bit annoying.
Methos: Maybe he hasn't got out of bed yet.
Methos: You think it takes courage to do what we do? ...
Methos: I think I'd better go.
Methos: Candygram!
Methos: A couple of Medieval songwriters come up with the idea of chivalry one rainy day...
Methos: You spend whatever time you have left dying-- or you spend it living.
Amanda: Have a little faith.

File 4 sounds.

Methos: I don't-- I don't want to make a fool of myself.
Methos: Someone had to.
Methos: I'm sorry, Joe, I'm just a guy.
Methos: Not the carpet...! Nice kitty, nice kitty... Please kitty-- don't step there kitty...! No, not the alarm!
Methos: Great, she knocked me on my bum because I make a bad joke. Very macho.
Methos: It's my nose, isn't it?
Methos: The thought of you becoming all-powerful scares the hell out of me even now.
Methos: Lucky guess-- or else I've become horribly predictable.
Methos: Yeah, from the first moment I saw her. Is that supposed to make it easier? Is that supposed to make it okay?...

File 5 sounds.

Amanda/Methos: "Methos!" "WHAT!?" ... "I'm sorry... I'm sorry..."
Duncan: Whadya steal this time?
Methos: You try living one year knowing that your time is running out...
Methos: That's the way it is for them. So little TIME for them to SEE anything or DO anything.
Methos: Why would I tell the truth?
Methos/Amanda: "You understand nothing... Three weeks ago, we were standing on a beach..."
Methos: Because the alternative is unthinkable.
Methos: I haven't seen a vault this tough since I rode with Butch and Sundance.
Methos: Talk about the blind leading the visually challenged!
Duncan: What?

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