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"Art is not that which pleases the eye, but rather that which soothes the soul."
Welcome one and all, to Le Gallerie de Vertu, formerly known as the Chamber of Brimstone. Personally, I had opened its predecessor a year or so ago simply for the use of its webspace, but after much encouragement from my friends to set the standards, I have decided to restore the art gallery.
If you were wondering, I have decided to start anew. For one, all my previous sketches, which were very shoddy I must admit, have been deleted, and all pieces here are of my better ones. As I know absolutely nothing about CG arts and as I dislike working with most medias, most of the pieces displayed will be in pencil. However, I may add some water colorings in the future.
Lastly, on the subject of what I draw, I have none. It is that simple. If I enjoy reading a certain book or watching a certain movie and feel inspired enough by their characters to draw them, I will. However, my main preference is nonetheless fighting games and manga, so these will show up the most here.
Also, most of my work is inspired by other works. Some poses may strike you as familiar as not all works are original, and there are some which I will indicate as being reiterated. But nevertheless, I hope you will find your experience here enjoyable.

14 DECEMBER 2000
The place is not dead. I know you're inclined to believe it is, but it isn't. Really. I got a new computer which didn't have a parallel port to support both printer and scanner, so I had to scan using my old computer (scanning the 7 pics took me almost 2 hours!). But nope, I never stopped drawing. Here is the result. If you're wondering about the fanfiction I was talking about below, it will be out very soon, if not already. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures here (Jackie Estacado is by the way, a character from the comic The Darkness, which is published by TopCow Comics). And Merry Christmas (the last 2 pics should put you in the mood... haha. Like real)!

3/1/99The Wheel Of TimeThis image depicts the three women in love with Rand al'Thor from Robert Jordan's fantasy novel, namely Min, Aviendha and Elayne.
3/1/99The Return Of The Condor HeroesThis is a wholesale copy of the famous Singapore manga, with both Xiao Longnu and Yang Guo pining for each other.
3/1/99Tekken 3Before you say anything, it is supposed to be Hwoarang leaning over to watch the sunset, and not Kyo Kusanagi from KOF. As much as it resembles the latter more...
6/1/99Tekken 3Yes, it is quite obvious I like Hwoarang... Enough on that. This picture is mainly supposed to depict his nonchalance...
13/1/99Soul CaliburThis being one of my better exhibited works, is of Taki out on one of her many missions.
14/1/99Tekken 3Here I portray Hwoarang as being his namesake - a member of the elite force of youths that reunited Korea back in the Silla Dynasty, with Hwang Sung Kyung being my main inspiration.
25/1/99Version IVersion IISoul CaliburHwang Sung Kyung displaying his affection for Seung Mina against a wintery background...
25/1/99Mortal KombatMy first ever colored piece, with color pencils as the media; Sonya Blade showing her stuff.
13/2/99Tekken 3Hwoarang and Ling Xiaoyu... *smirk* Not very nicely done, but the concept's there...
13/2/99King Of FightersSie Kensou, everyone's adorable mantou-eating teenager has decided to do something special for all you out there this season... Well, not really, but heck.
14/2/99Soul CaliburThis is another experimental picture with colored pencils. Kilik here didn't turn out quite expected, but it's a start I suppose.
5/3/99OriginalNo, this is not fan art, but rather a personal addition to the KOF series: The Vigilante team. In case you were wondering, the girls here are professional thieves, and are known to all as Toxin, Sky and Star respectively.
5/3/99OriginalOn this topic, I decided to ressurrect the original characters I had created three years ago, along with some modifications and lo, the Feline team comprising of Tyger, Puma and Lynx are born...
5/3/99OriginalThis is Yin Yulian, my answer to Chunli of SF and Xiaoyu of Tekken 3. Created to dispel the sexy/juvenile stereotype of Chinese females, she will be a personal addition to the Tekken series.
5/3/99King Of FightersThis is my first attempt at drawing a Suffering Iori, so don't mind me; it was done in a rush.
5/3/99King Of FightersThis is my first Kyo addition to the gallery; no doubt it looks weird, but it's a trial, really.
8/3/99Mortal Kombat IIMy first ever Kitana edition...
8/3/99Mortal Kombat IIThis is just a facial experiment I did similar to that of Kyo's and Iori's...
14/3/99OriginalYin Yulian in CG format. Originally, she was supposed to look sexy, but it's kind of difficult to in one shade...
27/4/99Tekken 3Yin Yulian together with Hwoarang in CG format. Granted, it still isn't that great, but it is a vast improvement from my previous piece, don't you think?
27/4/99Tekken 3It's a sketch of Hwoarang just staring down at you...
27/4/99Tekken 3This is the exclusive commemorative picture for the Altar to Hwoarang's first birthday!
27/4/99Tekken 3My first attempt at drawing Jin, this is a gift art for my friend Sapfarah...
27/4/99Tekken 3This exclusive one showcases Hwoarang at a computer, to commemorate the Altar's 100,000 visitor!
1/9/99Star WarsThis depicts one of the scenes from The Phantom Menace, and was hurriedly sketched with pencil.
1/9/99Gift ArtThis is a little something for my friend, Summer... Just imagine, Hwoarang as an angel?
1/9/99Tekken 3The Star Wars craze made me do a little thinking: what if Hwoarang was a Jedi knight?
1/9/99Final Fantasy VIIIAnother hurried sketch of Laguna and Squall.
24/10/99Gift ArtThe Guardian Lee Chaolan, who plays angel to Jin and the others from Phoenix Reborn: Chapter 25, is my gift to the author, Victar.
4/3/00The Darkness/ WitchbladeJackie Estacado together with Sara Pezzini, pencilled (don't sue me!).
14/12/00The Darkness/ Original CharacterThis pencilled piece is of Jackie Estacado from the comic The Darkness and my original character Angel Houston (wearing his clothes?!?), as friends from my fanfiction piece Angel Of Darkness.
14/12/00The Darkness/ Original CharacterThis second pencilled piece is a steamier edition of Jackie Estacado and Angel Houston in a deeper relationship *grinz*.
14/12/00Original CharacterThis piece shows Angel Houston's destiny at the end of Angel of Darkness.
14/12/00The DarknessThis one depicts Jackie at the end of the same story (see above).
14/12/00The Darkness/ Tekken 3I was going a little bold with this piece, drawing myself (or what is supposed to be me) between my two favorite characters, Jackie Estacado and Hwoarang.
14/12/00Christmas Special! The DarknessThis naughty piece is of Jackie as Santa Claus, with his darklings and a succubus in tow... Really revives the Christmas spirit, eh? *grinz*
14/12/00Christmas Special! Tekken 3/ Mortal KombatThis one is of Hwoarang as the unbearded Santa Claus this time, with an unmasked Kitana *big cough* (not me) from Mortal Kombat erm... celebrating with him...

DISCLAIMER: None of the characters of whom these images depict are mine by all rights. The Wheel of Time, The Return Of The Condor Heroes and the King Of Fighters are property of Robert Jordan and Tor books, Jin Yong and AsiaPac, as well as SNK respectively. Both the Tekken and the Soul Calibur series belong to Namco. Mortal Kombat is property of Midway, I may add. All rights reserved.
However, all of the images here are mine in all rights. If you wish to use or distribute them in any way, please seek my permission. I reserve all rights to do as I must towards you if otherwise.

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