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Hi there! I'm Akane Saotome.
Part 6 of "Maho no Ryoko" is up! Enter to see the world of Ranma 1/2 unfold before your very eyes!
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Ranma Nibunoichi

Imagine having a panda dragging a kicking and screaming teenaged girl barging into your house one day.That's exactly what happened to the Tendo family. Ranma Saotome and Genma Saotome arrive at the Tendo Dojo, back from a training trip in China.However, the teenaged boy and middle-aged man they are expecting arrive as a teenaged girl and a panda!The Tendos soon find out that during their training at Jusenkyo, in China, the father and son fell in Siongmaonichuan(Cursed Spring of the Drowned Panda) and Nyannichuan(Cursed Spring of the Drowned Girl) respectively.When splashed with room-temperature to cold water, they reveal their cursed form, while hot water changes them back to their original form.Akane Tendo, Soun's youngest daughter is then betrothed to Ranma.

Things get more complicated, however, when Ranma gets a few more fiances and enemies along the way, resulting in millions of problems for poor Ranma to solve!

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