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Community of St. Ninian meets weekly on Friday evenings

6:30 - Dinner
7:45 - Worship

Everyone is Welcome.

Contributions are tax deductable and always welcomed and appreciated.
Symbol of Hospitality
Concerning Our Name
Mission of the Community
Directions to the Well
Membership in the Community
2006 Calendar of Events
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Scotish Symbol of Christianity
Community of St. Ninian meets weekly 
	 on Friday evenings

The Community of St. Ninian is a small Christian Covenant Community dedicated to fulfilling the ideals of hospitality to the peoples of the world and specifically to persons in and near Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. The Community is a non-profit Christian organization reaching out specifically to those in the gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans-, and questioning communities.

To know more about us, please read our 2006 Annual Report.

St. Ninian's Well is the house established and maintained by the Community to host area events and to house individuals in need of short term assistance.

Want to help? See a list Wants & Needs for the Well.

E-mail us at the Community of St. Ninian.

The Well of St. Ninian is located at
2527 Linden Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37914

or by phone at (865)523-6101 or (865)971-3970.

Please come back soon and visit us as our site and community information grows. This site last updated on Sept 1, 2006

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