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Greetings and welcome to my site. As you can see my name is Ryan. Its Fairy for "King." As you can tell I've gotten a grip of the html now but it might be some time before this site is as impressive as I'd like it to be. I have some pics of myself up and some of my friends. This site will be full of info about me and my interests, including links to related topics and my own comments. Ryan's Rantings seems to be pretty popular. I like to bitch and complain about some of life's little complications. Check it out you might find something to agree with or disagree with. [Links to my other pages are near the bottom of this page].

Now some info about me:

I am a 29yr old from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. I have a degree in psychology from the University of Saskatchewan , in Saskatoon; where I grew up. After spending summer of 2001 in the lovely town of Liverpool, Nova Scotia, small but lovely. I left on September 1st, 2001, for Montreal to visit my ex for a bit and then I was off to Toronto for a couple of weeks where I found a job (and pretty much everything I needed in short order) and then moved to Ottawa, which was closer to Montreal and got a better paying job (but the most boring city in all of Canada). Then I moved to Montreal and got a slightly less paying job, where I am staying; Montreal that is, the job I have here is cool. I am single, as opposed to when I got here. Montreal is a great city. I've made a couple of great friends and I like the culture. Until recently I was working at AIDS Community Care Montreal as the Director of Volunteers and really liked it a lot. Unfortunately the government funding for my department was lost and I got laid off. So now I'm working for Fido as a customer service rep in a call centre. Thus far they seem really cool. In fact, unlike all the other call centres in Montreal that I've seen (maybe one other one too), they seem really nice. It's really awesome, I mean when they say cool, simple, and honest they mean it.

When I was in university the U of S was a great place to be. We have a rather open minded campus, for the prairies. There is a somewhat active gay presence on campus with GLUS the U Of S non-heterosexual campus club that has been active since 1971, I was the President of this group for the scholastic year of 1998-99. GLUS of course, no longer exisits due to some internal thing I know too little about. The opening of the U of S Students' Union's Lesbian Gay Bisexual Centre in 1997 marked a renewed commitment to a positive attitude towards gays on campus as well, offering peer support and education for all U of S students.

I adore Star Trek, I practically live it. If I could have any wish at all, it would be playing the guest character of any Star Trek series episode, you know the ones that the plot revolves around... not that that is very rare. Perhaps I could be the focus of a DS9 mystery, or the escaped hostage from an aggressive alien race on Voyager; okay so that is out of the realm of possibility now but maybe Enterprise needs extras... I'm still torn on the Enterprise topic, its getting better at least, well... a little better. What's with the intro!?

Nearly five or six years ago I had a break-up that was somewhat rough on me. I wasn't exactly in the best mood. Actually I was probably in the most depressed mood I've been in...ever(except when my dog died!). But I was very lucky I have friends and family that saw the symptoms and did whatever they could to help. If you want to know if someone that you care about is depressed you should check out this link. It tells you the symptoms and other info you need to know about depression.

I have since become in a much better mood. If you'd like to follow the story then click here for a description of that break up and my feelings on it at the time with updated comments along the way.

In university I was active, during my first and second year, in the Saint Thomas More Student's Union (STM that's my college) as the VP Promotions and First Year Rep. In the 1998-99 year I decided not to be the VP Promotions for STMSU but rather to get involved with GLUS. I was given the position of President. It was lots of fun but a lot of work and a bit of stress. In 1999-2000 I didn't do a lot of volunteer work on campus other than some shoddy work with the GLUS website. In 2000-2001 I di a lot of volunteering at the LGB Centre and recieved the Above and Beyond Award for being the voice of moral order and giving great hugs.

I have also been heavily involved with my local church. Everyone there, as my mother has told me, knows that I'm gay. She also tells me that no one has a problem with it, which makes sense since she also tells me that I'm amongst numbers there. One of our past ministers (actually two its rumored) was gay, but she moved to Seattle to do youth ministry there. The United Church is very gay friendly, if not simply in an official capacity but the majority rules and there was a national vote on it in the church in 1988. That rocks. That's part of why I was on my congregation's Christian education committee, central board, and occasionally help out with services.

I am was on the Long Range Planning Committe (1998-2000) for the United Church of Saskatchewan and saw some good things comw out of its work. In the passed I have also served on other committees at the Conference (provincial) level. I have been a member of the Youth and Young Adult Committee (YAYAC) (1992-96), the Worship Committe for the Conference Annula Meeting(1993), and the Implamentation Committee of Saskatchewan Conference(1996-97).

"Happy are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the people of God." - Matthew 5:9

Now that I know how to do some more html, check out the rest of my website! It'll get better. I swear...not very often but I do.

Don't forget to reload.

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