The Wooden Whistle

Sesshomaru's Handful
The Wooden Whistle

Sesshomaru Gallery
For everyone who's going to throw a fit about the added pictures in this gallery....yeeee-es, not all of them are Sesshomaru pictures. Christ. ^_-

Eatman Gallery

Tasuki/Chichiri Gallery

Sazan Eyes Gallery

Vampire Princess Miyu

This one is kinda neat, if you just consider the pictures. They're brand new, and from the on-air TV series currently running in Japan.

The Troubles!
Oi oi oi. Everyone knows about the problems I am having/have had/nodoubtwillcontinuetohave with this one, single, main page. Why do none of my other pages go down? Because of Murphey and his stupid laws. That's why. Ahem. On with my introduction, then.

A Demon and His Galleries
Konnichi wa. I am Sesshomaru, and that over there is my alter. Leave all sacrifices and/or checks/cash on it, if you please. This is my Wooden Whistle, my main index, if you insist on being unromantic about the entire affair. Here I keep my "Links Of Places I Demand You Go" and, equally, if not more, importantly, I keep links to my galleries. Why do I love my galleries so much? Why, because the largest one is devoted to me. ::poses for a moment so that you may understand how significant that truly is:: The rest are only so-so important, as they are NOT about me, but they ARE about other, you know, Bishounen-type wish-they-were-me sort of characters, from various series. I, unless otherwise indicated, scanned them all, having gathered with no small amount of annoyances and trips to alternate areas, these pictures from magazines, tankoubans, ect, ect. . . . I have a tithe box, too. That's right by the door there, in case you missed it. . .

Understanding Your Love For Sessho
Either way, as this index slowly crawls it's way back into existence, bear with me, as I know you must, because I see you are. . . captivated by my features. . . poor creature. . .

Other Good Stuff which I have a personal, vested interest. Now, if you snap your eyeballs below, you'll see that I have the link to Thorn's page about...Thorn posted! Innat too nutty? By the same person who did Thorn's page is another about a different character...(Who isn't AG related, I know, I know!) But here's the kicker! There's another page below done by the same person and it's a gallery of Kamui pictures from X! Neat-o! And there are ALOT of pictures there, too. Tell you what. I'll look away while you make a fool of yourself over this stuff. Come back when you're presentable again, and we can pretend none of this ever happened....

Thorn! He's the yaoi/bishounen king! Depression's End?

NO! He's not AG! Stop telling me that! Darael Rene Duran

Mm, mm, mm! Lotta Kammy-chan! Kamui 'R Us

Chichiri no da! Simply the best, dahling. . . simply the best...

Do I shamelessly promote horrible things like...gaping and drooling over two-dementional characters? Do I...encourage the worship of Bishounen? Hell ya! So sue me already. As a matter of fact, most of this stuff is Bishounen and nothing more.

On that note, now that I'm thinking about it, I've lost most of my AG links. . . as soon as I find them again, I SWEAR I'll repost them. . . .I've also got a few new Tankoubans of my own to scan, when I find the time. Requests? Check the mail addy below and send 'em to me. Caulathion's working overtime to make sure all of my AG stuff is redone and reposted! Swear!

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