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What is XFusters?

For all those that are wondering, XFusters are people who need UST in the show Xfiles:) UST is a big part of the shows popularity; it's what a majority of viewers look for each week they tune in.

*UPDATE Unfourtantly due to circumstances outside my control, I lost every address I had that was recieving the newsletter. Also for the last year or so there was no newsletter...or no update whatso ever for this site. This is about to change. I am reopening the list, unfourtantly it wont be a newsletter anymore, but a discussion list. Now I know if you found yourself here you may have heard of XF-Romantics, well that list is now a closed list. So I know there are more shippers out there than the people on that list, so Im starting another one. To join just scroll down and follow the instrucions or please email me at Laurie

Click any one of these links to find out more:)
  • Our Goal/mission
  • What is UST?
  • Morale Booster
  • UST moments from the Past
  • UST moment of the Week *To be posted upon the new season
  • Things that remind us of UST
  • Links to other UST related pages
  • Top 30 Things we have learned by being a 'shipper and watching X-Files
  • Our Mulder/Scully Photo Gallary *NEW

    If you have any comments or suggestions please email me at Laurie

    Also please let us know if any of the links aren't working properly.

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