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Postcards With an African Beat
With all of the postcard options on the net, we decided to create one
with an Africentric theme.  The best thing about these postcards is,
you don't have to fill out any forms!  Just cut and paste the URL,
either in E-Mail, or simply send the URL through ICQ, and you are done!  To send your postcard through Web TV, simply hit Send on the keyboard, or Options on the's that simple!
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I want to apologize to all of my faithful visitors for not having Kwanzaa cards available. There is only one designer for this site and I, like the rest of you have been extremely busy for the holidays. I promise to have many new cards for 2000, and next holiday season will definitely bring Kwanzaa cards. I also plan to include a listing of commonly used Andinkra symbols, since many of the useful sites explaining these symbols have disappeared from the Web. Thank you all for making this site so successful, and please keep coming in 2000! Blessings.
Click on andinkra symbol to choose your card 
Right Now...
Love and Time
After the Love Is Gone
Woman to Woman
By the Age of 30
September Song
Color of Liberty
Lift Every Voice and Sing
You Are Special!
3 Little Birds
True Love, True Friend
I Will Always Love You
How to Make Love to a Black Woman
Natural Woman
Dedication to Black Kings
Black Honey
Anytime, Anyplace
Garden of Your Life
Precious Lord
Life Is More
For Once in My Life
I Miss You This Much!
Working My Way Back to You
The Difference
Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
Happy Born Day
I Am Thankful
Reggae Birthday

Throughout this page you will see this andinkra symbol: 
This is the symbol Gye Nyame (Ghee Nee-ah-me).
It means "Except God", as in,
All things will come to an end, except God.
God is all powerful.

I noticed many people visit this site in search of other andinkra symbols. Here are a couple of sites where you can find a beautiful selection, with detailed information so you can learn more. Friends of Ghana, Kwadwo Boahene.

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