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Welcome to the web site of Tina Leonard, author of several acclaimed romantic novels such as Cowboy Cootchie-Coo, Desperado, A Match Made In Texas and Cowboy Be Mine. Here you'll find reviews and excerpts from the involving, intense love stories skillfully written by one of the romance genre's rising stars.

"Ms. Leonard delivers sizzling emotions." - Affaire de Coeur

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"Dear Reader--
You are the reason I write! I hope there will always be something in my stories that touches your heart and soul. If I can bring you an hour of joy and pleasure, then I know my books are successful by that measure. And you, the reader, are all that really counts!" -- Tina Leonard

Latest News

What gets a proud cowboy and a woman who dreams of true love to the altar?

Available February 2000!

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Tina is pleased to announce a four-book contract with Harlequin for an Intrigue and three American titles, one of which will be part of a continuity series with Kasey Michaels. This contract marks her fourteenth sale. These books are due out in 2000 and Tina hopes her readers will look for them.

Upcoming Books

  • A Man Of Honor
    June 2000 - Harlequin Intrigue
  • Surprise! Surprise! - Maitland Maternity Series
    July 2000 - Harlequin American
  • Not You Again!
    October 2000 - Harlequin American
  • His Arranged Marriage (Sheik series) Early 2001- Harlequin American

Books By Tina Leonard

Cowboy Be Mine

What gets a proud cowboy and a woman who dreams of true love to the altar?

A. A well-thrown lasso
B. Bribery
C. Two shotguns
D. A baby

In Cowboy Be Mine, the correct answer is D. Actually, that's not quite true, either. It was the fence-sitters who contrived to get Bailey and Michael together.

That's right. Fence-sitters.

Named Curly, Chili, and Fred. These gnarly ranch hands plan to spend their retirement being . . . well, retired. Until they're sitting on the fence between Michael's and Bailey's properties one day and notice that more than a fence seems to be keeping Michael and Bailey apart. Of course, they have no way of knowing that it's a baby (or twins, but never mind that right now!) keeping the two apart, but they do know that standard tactics such as lassoes, bribery, and shotguns won't work on this precarious situation.

Cagey old fellows. Roof-worms are the best way to get two stubborn people together in Fallen, Texas, of course!

ISBN 0-373-16811-X

Available February 2000 at local bookstores, Amazon.com or www.romance.net.

A Match Made in Texas

In a tiny Texas town, the old folks were determined to trigger a population explosion!

And sexy out-of-towner Jake Madden was the answer to their prayers. No woman could resist his masculine appeal. Plus, he had 'commitment' written all over him: a little boy to raise and a hankering to set down roots. A wife raffle was just the solution to their population problem.

Except Mary van Dooorn, the elected - only eligible - 'intended,' didn't cotton to that. With the responsibility of six younger sisters, she'd never known romance and wasn't looking for any. But relentless matchmaking, Jake's all-male pursuit and her own feminine need were a hard combination to resist in such a small town. She found herself wanting Jake and a life with him, but was she more than a convenient candidate for wife?

ISBN 0-373-16796-2

Available October 1999 at local bookstores, Amazon.com or www.romance.net.

"...a heartwarming, sensual romance..."
- 4 Stars Bookbug on the Web
- 4 Stars RT Magazine
A Match Made in Texas
Available October 1999!

The Most Eligible...Daddy

The Matchmakers'Objective To get our beautiful but stubborn, about-to-turn-spinster relative, Noreen Cartwright, off the shelf!

The Candidate Parker Walden - the sexiest man Rockwall, Texas, has ever seen!

Comments I'm a family man and a loving father who wants a mother for my four-year-old daughter - and a wife for myself. To boot, I was instantly smitten with Noreen: her strength and honor, her devotion to her family and her land. And can the woman ever fill out denim! I plan to convince her to let me love her. I'd be obliged if you'd give me your blessing.

Reaction from Noreen No one bothered to ask me!

ISBN 0-373-16771-7

Available April 1999 at local bookstores, Amazon.com or www.romance.net.

The February Wife

When Caroline Anders learns that her patient, Milly Sinclair, has only a few months to live, she goes along with the elderly lady's dying wish that Caroline marry her nephew Jared. How hard could be it? Doc Carter worries that Milly won't live past March--and this is already February. But when Milly makes a miraculous recovery...

Click here to read an exciting excerpt from The February Wife.

Click here to read reviews of The February Wife.

ISBN 1-58200-057-3

Available February 1999 from The Hardshell Word Factory. Don't miss it!

Daddy's Little Darlings

Alex Banning anxiously awaited the birth of his male heir to carry on the Texas family ranch. A Banning boy had been part of the bargain with his arranged wife Daphne. But then Daphne not only delivered triplets, they all came wrapped in ruffles, white satin and lace!

Suddenly this tough guy cowboy was in over his head with three newborn daughters and a "marriage" to Daphne that seemed more than an arrangement.

Click here to read reviews of Daddy's Little Darlings.

ISBN 0-373-16758-X

Available January 1999 at local bookstores, Amazon.com or www.romance.net.

Cowboy Cootchie-Coo

Seems when the hard-lovin' but commitment-shy cowboy Brant Durning left town on a cattle-buying trip three months ago, he'd decided sweet Grace Barclay was everything he could want in a wife. If only he'd been the marrying kind.

Brant got a shocker when he came back to the Double D Ranch and found out he was gonna be an uncle...But just wait till he finds out he's gonna be a daddy!

Click here to read an exciting excerpt from Cowboy Cootchie-Coo.

ISBN 0-373-16748-2

Available at local bookstores, Amazon.com or www.romance.net Order your copy!


Rancher Cody Aguillar has decided never to marry. And once Cody has his mind made up nothing ever changes it!

Then along comes movie scout Stormy Nixon who is also used to having things her way. Something's got to give!

"...a fine romance, rich in humor and celebration." - Romantic Times

Click here to read an exciting excerpt from Desperado.

ISBN 1-85487-881-6

Available at local bookstores, Amazon.com or call 1-800-805-1083 to order!

It Takes Two

Zach Rayez: he's used to getting his own way...until he meets feisty, independent Annie Aguillar.

Annie: she's as proud as the land she won and she isn't about to let Zach take over.

"...an involving, intense love story..." **** (Excellent) Gerry Benninger, Romantic Times

Click here to read an exciting excerpt from It Takes Two.

Click here to read reviews of It Takes Two.

ISBN 1-85487-715-1

Available at local bookstores, Amazon.com or call 1-800-805-1083 to order!

Never Say Never

When Jill McCarthy's world falls apart, she grasps at the straw of a nondescript ad that reads "Wanted: Housekeeper for Ranch House."

Dustin Reed had nothing more in mind than finding a suitable housekeeper for his ranch, a sitter for his son and a companion for his elderly mother. He certainly didn't expect an angel to walk in.

"...Images of good and evil clash with outstanding effect...." **** (Excellent) Gerry Benninger, Romantic Times

Click here to read an exciting excerpt from Never Say Never.

Click here to read reviews of Never Say Never.

ISBN 1-85487-715-1

Available at local bookstores, Amazon.com or call 1-800-805-1083 to order!

Secret Sins

Kiran Whitley is a schoolteacher who craves the solitude of the Tennessee mountains. Steve Dorn is a race car driver from California who lives life on a knife-thin edge.

They have nothing in common, except some land in Texas they jointly inherit and which neither of them want.

"A great read!" Romantic Times

"Sharp dialogue and loads of sexual tension." Rendezvous

Click here to read an exciting excerpt from Secret Sins.

Click here to read reviews of Secret Sins.

ISBN 1-85487-955-3

Available at local bookstores, Amazon.com or call 1-800-805-1083 to order!

About the Author

Tina Sites Leonard lives in Texas with her husband, Tim; two children, Lisa and Dean, and two hounds, Shep and Betty. Currently a bowl of minnows reside in each child's room, as Tina hasn't had much luck keeping goldfish alive. Thankfully, her children fare much better!

Tina has travelled around the USA, to Bermuda, Mexico, and the West Indies. Biggest travel dream: England! But Italy would be nice, too . . . and there are more destinations in North America that she hopes to visit. Best recent trips: the Fort Worth rodeo and a farm in South Texas!

Tina Leonard is the author of fourteen romance novels which have garnered wonderful reviews and placed her on Waldenbooks bestseller list.She loves writing, and her fondest dream is for readers to love her stories and characters as much as she loves creating them. Visit her new Intrigue web page at http://www.suspense.net/tina-leonard.

Tina also owns Grannys Books - an online bookstore and magazine for readers. Be sure and visit at www.grannysbooks.com.

Read Tina's Harlequin Spotlight feature here!


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