Darkened days and midnight’s gaze -
are these things a part of you?
Closet finds, games in your mind -
what other things do you do?
Late at night, forget daylight -
in your heart, darkness lays
A soul that’s haunted - mind is taunted -
stick with your darkened ways
Wicked thoughts, here for good -
they wouldn’t leave you if they could
Shadow kissed - a heart that’s missed -
your light is growing dim
Drowning in the darkness, deep,
holding on but you’ll not win
Breathing in the midnight breeze,
this will put your heart to ease

Look around, see what you’ve found,
Shadows is the name
Ask yourself if you blend in with
Shadows and my darkness game
Read again, the words above -
do you understand these things I speak of?
If you think so, than perhaps,
you’ll want to click below...

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