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My Name Is Carla

The Things That I Like To Do Most Are
Love The Lord,Write And Craft
I Went Back To School In The Spring
I Had A Kidney Transplant August 11th 1998
My Donor Was My Nephew Mark (Thanks Mark)
The Lord Has Brought Me Through This With His Mercy And Grace
Praise The "LORD"!!!!!
I Hope You Enjoy Yourself Here And Are Encourged In Some Way

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Life What a
Beautiful Choice!

Golda Alene

Adopted: February 7,1999

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I'm Sorry, But Somehow My Index Page Was Lost
I Am Working On Putting It Back The Way It Was
Please Be Patient With Me:)


What Happiness For Those Whose Guilt Has Been Forgiven!
What Joys When Sins Are Covered Over!
What A Relief For Those Who Have Confessed Their Sins
And God Has Cleared Their Record

There Was A Time When I Wouldn't Admit What A Sinner I Was
But My Dishonesty Made Me Miserable And Filled My Days With Frustration
All Day And All Night Your Hand Was Heavy On Me
My Strength Evaporated Like Water On A Sunny Day
Untill I Finally Admitted All My Sins To You
And Stopped Trying To Hide Them
I Said To My-Self,"I Will Confess Them To The Lord"
And You Forgave Me!
All My Guilt Is Gone

Now I Say That Each Believer Should Confess His Sins To God
When He Is Aware Of Them, While There Is Time To Be Forgiven
Judgement Will Not Touch Him If He Does

You Are My Hiding Place From Every Storm Of Life
You Even Keep Me From Getting Into Trouble!
Your Surround Me With Songs Of Victory
I Will Instruct You (Says The Lord)
And Guide You Along The Best Pathway For Your Life
I Will Advise You And Watch Your Progress
Don't Be Like A Senseless Horse Or Mule
That Has To Have A Bit In It's Mouth To Keep It In Line!

Many Sorrows Come To The Wicked
But Abiding Love Surrounds Those Who Trust In The Lord
So Rejoice In Him, All Those Who Try To Obey Him
Taken From The Living Bible

Need Medical Info Great Site

I'd Like To Hear From Anyone On Dialysis
Or Anyone Who Has Had
Or Will Be Having A Kidney Transplant.

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Thank You All Who Have Help Me With My Page
I'm Sorry If I Have Not Put Your Logo's On My Page
After Losing My Index File I Have To Remember Who's Logo Belongs Where
I Promise To Have Things In Order Soon

1997 kvistad@yahoo.com

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