The Following is the brief Testimony of Toni Peppitoni Sweikert as she gives GOD all the GLORY for her life.

From the age of about 6 to about 14, I was sexually abused. From about 17 to 20, it seemed I was constantly looking down the barrel of a gun. From 20 through about 35, I was involved in witchcraft. I was apprentice for a friend who did readings, physcometry, regressions and automatic writing.. After witnessing the brutal murder of a childhood friend in a bar I was working in, I became a heavy Methanphedamine user, then later a cocaine addict. I still carry very nasty scars from those years. I was so depressed and self destructive, I begged the devil to kill me! I am Thankful that GOD had control!

My Fight to lose Weight & live~!

My 6 year struggle to lose 100 lbs. In 1997 I started at over 240 lbs and 5'4. Today I am 157 and still losing. I hope it helps someone out there.I was ugly & Depressed. I felt lost & hopless. It is lonely & hard to be BIG. No one is nice to you and most people ignore you.I got sick of it and in 1998, because my back & shoulders hurt so much from the weight of my chest, I had a breast Reduction surgery done. I went from a 54 inch chest to a 40. That was 8 lbs smaller then I was! This was the FIRST step. I walked and tried to become very active. Went to the gym 6 days a week. I gained 12 pounds! I felt better but looked huge. I was in a serious car accident in which my head & neck were injured. That led to surgery too. A plate, screws & new disc's were put in to help with migraine headaches I was suffering from almost daily. Then Type 2 Diabetes developed from the stress from constant migraines. Over the next year or two I looked into "Gastric Bypass surgery" I decided this was my chance since my diabeties was now at 500-600 daily. I refused to go on to insulin needles. So my family Doctor stood by me as I found a surgeon to operate on me. I had my surgery on Feb.12,2003. 4 months ago from this time. I am now 158 lbs and still losing. I know longer feel the deep desire for food I once did and I don't feel ugly or depressed anymore! I Thank God. I'll put up a more recent picture soon. Feel free to write me. I care and understand, Thank you for reading my Testimony. The LINK below will take you to my old Testimony site, where I met GOD and had some incredable expierences! God Bless!

I am writting this as an Encouragement to others. As of 8/7/03, I weight 147 Lbs. I am enrolled at my local collage for "Theater" and am going after MY DREAMS to write & Produce movies! I have wasted enough of my life doing the wrong things,now it's time to do the right things. I hope to be going to Africa in Feb. 04 with a Bishop who GOD has had me doing a website for a number of years. We will set up a computer school there to teach the local people wonderful things to help their futures. GOD id so Good! I am even going to see my favorite Person & Actor soon, Bruce Willis. He gives so much to help children. I can tell you this..He cares! GOD has RE-Lite my desire for life, living & helping others. What more can there be to life. He is my Light.

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