It's been decided by all the people who take pleasure in making these decisions that extra-terrestrials are not the apparent morons that we are.  This is evidenced by the fact that aliens have mastered inter-stellar travel and we had to fake a landing on our own moon (he-he).  Ok, fine.  If they're so smart...

Why do they use such a complicated and inefficient way of mapping the earth?

Why are they only interested in mapping places that have crops?

Why, if their aim is to "harvest" us for some inexplicable reason, do they waste so much time in poorly populated areas (like farmland)?

Why do they use hand-to-tentacle combat?

Why can't they beat our "primitive" radar systems?

And if it's ultimately water that defeats the aliens...

Why then, after painstakingly investigating our planet, one that is mostly covered in water, did they choose to come NAKED?????????

Another thing I found troubling about this movie is the absurdity of the idea that someone would have an experience with extra-terrestrials and THEN return to any of our institutionalized religions.  But that's when people respond with, "But
Signs isn't about aliens."  Well, that's awfully convenient.

One more and then I have to go floss.  With a film as admittedly suspenseful and tense as
Signs is, what excuse does M. Time-To-Make-The-Donuts Shyamalan have scripting and filming a battle scene in which ONE guy beats ONE wounded alien with a baseball bat?  Pleeeeaaase!  It's bad enough that our collective intelligence has to be insulted by the token handicapped child (here it was asthma, in Panic Room it was diabetes, etc.) and the direct theft from War of the Worlds and Alien Nation (not to mention The Wizard of Oz) of water as the ultimate weapon.

But I've certainly seen worse movies.
M. Basically-Tomorrow-Morning Shyamalan.
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