Davis crest badge A crest badge is formed from the crest of a coat of arms. A strap and buckle, ensigned with the motto, is used to encircle the crest, creating a livery badge. In this instance the Davis crest is a griffin passant holding in the dexter claw a cross bottonny fitchee Or. (Lyon Court, LIII, 64)

A livery badge is used to identify the property of the owner of the crest. When a livery badge is worn as a cap badge or as a pendant or as a brooch it identifies the wearer as a follower or a dependent of the owner of the crest.

When worn as a cap badge, on a Balmoral or Glengarry bonnet,or as a brooch afixed to a lady's tartan sash, a sprig of the plant badge should be tucked behind the crest badge. The plant badge of Davis is the boxwood; that of Clan Davidson, depending on the authority cited, is either boxwood or red whortleberry ( sometimes called "cranberry" in Scotland); that of Clan Chattan is the red whortleberry ( and is recorded as such by the Lyon Court).

In practical terms, the leaves of these plants are quite similar and one would not be amiss in following the clansfolk of old in adorning their crest badge with whichever of these plants are available.

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