Jimi Hendrix

1/9/69 ON THE KILLING FLOOR Koncerhuset Stockholm, Sweden (2 CDs)

Both Covers

June 20, 1969
Newport Pop Festival
Devonshire Downs, CA

1.      Fire

2.      Hear My Train A Comin'

3.      Red House

4.      Stone Free

5.      Are You Experienced -> Stone Free

6.      Sunshine of Your Love

7.      Foxy Lady

8.      Like a Rolling Stone

9.      Voodoo Child (SR)

10.  Purple Haze

A little muffled and fades in and out between tracks, but well worth the price of admission.
Jimi is apparently frustrated with the crowd, which leads to some of my favorite lyrical variations on Heat My Train.

A home made cover BACK

Black Devil
29-01-68 L'Olympia, Paris, France

This is a great-sounding recording of a good show. To me the performance doesn't seem as inspired as, say, Monterey, but I suppose it's not quite fair to compare anything to arugably the greatest JHE show ever (IMO). I don't know why. I can only speculate that the boys were just screwing around having fun. Jimi's appears to be in a fun mood, joking with the audience between songs. They perform the song "tune up time" and announce it as such a couple of times. There's even a little rockin impromptu thingy ala Elvis. Noel throws in a few "thank you"'s and plays guitar with Jimi on Red House (something they did for a while there). It's a good show, the sound quality is great, and the recording complete. This show was released officially as part of the Stages box set.

1. Killing Floor

2. Catfish Blues

3. Foxy Lady

4. Red House

5. Drivin' South

6. The Wind Cries Mary

7. Fire

8. Little Wing

9. Purple Haze

Home Made Cover

Different Cover

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