Cat Stevens

HARD HEADED WOMEN- Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Japan, June 22, 1974




Rating: Excellent Soundboard

Source: Liberated Bootleg > EAC > *.Shn > CDR
From "Tour Of The Cat" bootleg. Incredible sounding soundboard!

01. Wild World                 03:28
02. Oh Very Young              02:27
03. Sitting                    03:14
04. Where Do The Children Play 03:38
05. Lady D'Arbanville          04:01
06. Another Saturday Night     02:37
07. Hard-Headed Woman          03:42
08. Peace Train                03:27
09. Father And Son             03:37
10. King Of Trees              03:49
11. A Bad Penny                03:43
12. Bitterblue                 03:18

See also:

BBC Concert, 1971 62min tv sbd a

moonshadow, tuesday's dead, wild world, how can i tell you, maybe you're right, i love my dog, bitterblue, changes iv, into white, father & son filler - daytime/where do the children play, father & son, morning has broken, child for a day

FM Broadcast, Paris Radio

Paris, France December 1975 fm a
banapple gas, majik of majiks, oh very young, o caritas, the hurt, music, lady d'arbanville, peace train, morning has broken, sad lisa, another saturday night, tuesday's dead, king of trees majikat earth tour


Sam Cooke

 Harlem Club New York, New York 01/12/63 38min EX SB

  1. Feel it

  2. Chain gang

  3. Cupid,

  4. It's alright/for sentimental reasons

  5. Twistin' the night away

  6.  Have mercy

  7.  Bring it on home

  8.  Nothing can change this love

  9. Having a party



Cyndi Lauper


demos, rare and unreleased 1980-88 69min A sbd
maybe he'll know, i had a love, fade, anna blue, can't blame me, late, cut out, take a chance, just the other day, i'm gonna be strong, lorraine, everbody's got an angel, right track wrong train, hole in my heart, the goonies 'r' good enough, what a thrill, witness, don't know, magazine cover, what a thrill, money changes everything (live)


Marc Cohn


Quality: A+

Date: Tracks 1-9: March 22, 1998, Track 10: 1994

Location: San Francisco, CA


Live on KFOG tracks 1-9: w/ Shane Fontaine & Kenny White

Track 10: guitar ?(either Pevar or Leventhal)




Home made artwork needs to have a side panel:


  1. Intro

  2. Silver Thunderbird

  3. Walk Through The World

  4. Olana

  5. Lost You In The Canyon

  6. Already Home

  7. Ghost Train

  8. Valley Of The Kings

  9. The Things We've Handed Down

  10. Walking In Memphis

Otis Redding

Europe 7/65

Quality: A

Date: July 1965

Location: Europe

  1. I've Been Loving You Too Long

  2. A Change Is Gonna Come

  3. Rock Me Baby

  4. Old Man Trouble

  5. Respect

  6. Satisfaction

  7. Keep Your Arms Around Me

  8. Woman, Lover, A Friend

  9. Home In Your Heart

  10. These Arms Of Mine

  11. Security

  12. Chained And Bound

  13. Mr. Pitiful

Stockholm 6/4/67

Quality: A

Date: June 4, 1967

Location: Stockholm Sweden



  1. Day Tripper

  2. Sad Song

  3. My Girl

  4. Shake

  5. I've Been Loving You Too Long

  6. Satisfaction

  7. Try A Little Tenderness

  8. Your One And Only Man

  9. Pain In My Heart

  10. These Arms Of Mine

  11. I Can't Turn Your Loose

  12. A Hard Day's Night

Whiskey A Go Go

Quality: EX-VG Sound board

Date: April 10, 1966

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Notes: Disc: 1; Tracks: 17

-Early Set

  1. I'm Depending On You

  2. I Can't Turn You Loose

  3. Chained And Bound

  4. I've Been Missing You

  5. I Love You Anyway

  6. I've Been Loving You Too Long

  7. Satisfaction

  8. Rest of disk from Late Show:

    Your One And Only Man
  9. Security

  10. Good To Me

  11. Respect

  12. Ole Man Trouble

  13. I Can't Turn You Loose

  14. Hard Day's Night

  15. These Arms Of Mine

  16. Papa's Got A Brand New Bag

  17. Satisfaction



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