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This page is dedicated to the enjoyment of of owning sugar gliders
and appreciation of their unique nature.

Internet search engines are the greatest tools for finding information about
these enchanting little creatures and how to care for them as pets.

I hope you can find some necessary information here
and a bit of entertainment that makes life with sugar gliders even sweeter.

This page has several links to pictures and articles, found by clicking the highlighted text.

PEEK INSIDE Radar and Kiera's nest box.

LISTEN to what a pair of crabby gliders sound like.
The tiny creatures have a loud
and unique sound they make when they're upset.

LOOK how the other pets in the house
react to the sugar gliders.
(a picture of the dog and cat's reaction)

Here's some MEAL TIME tips and feeding advice,

including a recipe for LEADBEATERS MIX.

And a view of TREAT TIME!

Go to the JOEY PAGE to read about caring for an orphaned joey
and see some close up pictures of a joey newly out of the pouch.

VIEW a sweet sugar glider in a tree.

Read about environment care and odor management.

This is the typical expression of someone when they see a sugar glider for the first time. =======>>>>
Most Americans don't know what a sugar glider is and are amazed when they first see one.

Share your sugar glider! Whoever you show it to is sure to SMILE!
*The value of a smile*
(read it)


Please Sign the Guestbook,
it contans a very short survey
of your sugar glider's favorite things.

Do you own a sugar glider?
Have you ever wondered what other people do
to keep their sugar glider happy?
View the guestbook to see.

View the old guestbook entries

Find out more! View my BLOG on, it's about my sugar gliders and me!

Do you have questions about your sugar glider's health or well being?
When is it necessary to visit the veterinarian?

If you are thinking about buying a sugar glider, please consider that it is naturally a wild animal.

There's many things to consider before purchasing your pet sugar glider.

Any plants that sugar gliders play in may be ingested by them.
Not all plants are safe and may be poisonous if ingested.

Any plants that your sugar glider is allowed to play in must non-toxic to them,
and also be free of pesticides.

Gliders are highly sensitive to pesticides, use extreme caution!

Here is a list of non-toxic plants and a list of toxic plants for sugar gliders.

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be a sugar glider?
To be able to jump from a high place and glide somewhere?
I found a video of someone who is a human sugar glider!
*click* Here it is! *click*

Check it out!....Sugar glider bed time stories!

*This one features* a sugar glider family
living in a land of dragons, magic, heroes and unimaginable monsters.

*A Sugar Glider Christmas Story*, a great story anytime of the year! HoHoHo!

This page was started on 6/20/98
and it will probably always be under construction.
The site will continue to grow until there's no more room.

As you've explored this site, I hope you've found humor in it. Please check back for new items and information.

Don't forget to Sign the Guestbook

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