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The Human Animal Pole is Broken FOREVER!
  Most people wanted to be Birds.  Many voted Fish and Horse. Thanks for playing
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This is Tom
Ladies and Gentilemen, This is Thomual.  Welcome to my site.
I call this site and all of it's related domains
The Land of Thul!
When you're in The Land of Thul, you aren't just browsing through our pages, you're making a journey through our World!  Each page represents a different place in our world, this homepage is the kings court Marble Hall! There are 28+ places in Thul and over 30 in neighboring lands to visit. See them all!

I just put this site up a year ago and I have just gotten my 2000th hit!  Soon this site will serve for a double purpose: 1) to inform you of exactly who I, Thomual, am and 2) to provide you with enough entertainment like rivalries, games, stories, private journals, and pictures to actually stay interested, and maybe even return. I encourage you to sign my interactive guestbook and become one of my faithful Thulians and fans.  Also, help Thul come to life in the popular and interactive Forums page.
Come browse an adventure through The East Continent of Thul!
Thomual Just got his very own Christian Techno show on 90.9 The Light.  The Liberty University Radio station.
Click HERE to lsiten to my show on Saturdy nights at 10:00 *LIVE*
Ladies and gentileman,  Thomual has just gotten his very own radio show at 10:00pm Saturday nights on 90.9 The Light.  It's called the Electric Light show; 1 hour of nothing but Christian Techno and Thomual talking, and maybe a partner.
"The Land of Thul" has also reached its
1 year anniversery! And what a year it has been too!  We have added many websites to our webring and gotten dozens of members!  In celebration of this day I have added a BRAND NEW Photo Page 7!  It is inspired by my legendary basement and is the inner recesses of Subterrainian Thul.
Thulian Vacation Resort!!!
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To see My all new Thulian Vacation TV SHOW! 
Trails and Tales
I built this webpage for a school project.  Take a look and find all the hidden Thulian Links ;^)
The Faces of Thomual
This is what Thomual looks like.
Its like I always say, GoaTee is for Tom
Thomuals Profile
Thomuals Xanga Weblogs
What's New to Thul
Last Updated: June 17, 2004
Click on the Shadow Thomual to read about his inner thoughts of his daily life!
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1: *Edited and updated Homepage.  Added Click HERE Voice INTRO!  Added 3 Continents of Thul.

Changed 2000th hit celebration to Radio show Announcement.Added Link to listen

***Added Brand new Trails and Tales TV show page!!

Renamed Vivi's Gallery to Benholiads Background Shop and added Anti Spyware programs to Recources

****Created BRAND NEW "The Chasm" Photopage 7!

6: Updated Backwood, Great Oak, Mossland, and Chasm Photopages

**Updated Xanga Post
Thulian Forums
Thul comes to Life!
Thul The Forums Page
A dedicated Thulian Rewina, created a way for Thul to come to life and Thulians to interact in a new and exciting way.  Join the Thulian Forum and tell us of your personal story and adventures!
Then wait for us to respond!
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Zed's Adventure Game!!!
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Friends counseling website
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The Land of Thul
My Subpages
Royal mountains and the cursed forest.
Dwelling of the Thulians
Fan Page
King Tholas of the Thulians wants you to sign his
My Photo Pages
In the Deep recesses of the Jungle on the Continent of Thul, beware thre Gorgon-Ents.  They will capture and petrify your image  in time FOREVER.
Just kidding, actually these are my Photo Pages.
1,2,3,?,5,6... &7!
Pictures of me. (treat them well)
LU Friends Page
Twins Backyard of Moss Pappas and Meiners Page Access only through secret hidden entrances!!! Come into my Chasm!
Niece and Nephew Page
Fun in the Snow
Backwood Forest
The Chasm
Nursery Mount Tom
Moss Land
The Bird
Great Oak
Floating Thulian Expance!
Games Page
The Library
Ancient stories told by bards of old.
Archives of Classic Thulian Entertainment Media! (Games Page)
Arngrim, the soon to be Brother in Law of Thomual, has undergone a mighty venture and captured all of the wayward games in the land of Thul.  Find links to Totebo, Homestarrunner, and many other great games featured in the Land of Thul!
This is the complete History of the founding of Thul and it's inhabitants. This story is told by the famous Thulian Bardess Jillishantira.  Read this to see how the Thulian story corrilates with the other related stories.
Human Gloomerians
The Floating
Background Shop
War Page
Thulian WAR page
Recource and Background Page.
Vivi's Gallery has been renamed, "Benholeads Background Shop."
He's busy in his shop selling backgrounds and now his all new Anti Virus software!, Thomuals Background and Recource Page.  Click here for great web building stuff.
Commander Panna Pol Pot leads the Thulian army in it's quest for victory!  Play War games and read war history here. Under Construction.
Participate in a current
LIVE battle!
Historical Sites
From Before it all Began
East Continent of Thul
Nuvens World
This is my friend Robs Website. He first introduced me to making websites.  He has created his own games including Blackjack and his own gaming site. He also won the Gold Key award.
Click on Pikachu to enter
Nuvens World!
Thomual has his own world called the Continent of Thul. In a sence this Whole Website is The Continent of Thul. Click on the planet to get to my first website That I made in Highschool as part of Nuvens World. It is dumb but you can play... Blackjack!
His gaming site
My First Website
Nuven's World.  (The planet I'm from)
Neighboring-Regions to Thul
Bekother the first official Thulian citizen. One of my newest friends.
Affiliated Friends Pages.
Our Web-Ring
BrandonJohn, Jim,
Although the original idea for Thul, a place where a person could not just browse, but also visit was my idea, it has become much more.  Inspired by Thomuals Land of Thul, there have sprung many other places and websites that act as the neighboring regions and lands.  Some are at war, some are allied with.  Make your own website and E-Mail me and your webland too will be counted as part of The East Continent of Thul!
My twin brother called Mighty Mikail FINALLY has a brand new site of his own!  His sci-fi city of technology lies in the vallies below the montain and skyland of Thul. Check out his site now!
My twin brothers site that resides in the falley below Thul
The Arch Nemisis
Land of Asgard:
Asguard: In the Heavens above the Land of Thul is the devine Rhealm of Asgard where Loki (brandon) has taken over as their God ard ruler and watches over the East Continent of Thul. Go to the site called Heaven Bound 18 and there you will find the Gods of Thul!
Asguard Our Enimy!!!
Become a Mech driving human Merchant
The Human Mines of Gloomeria!
Captain Ahab the Bold! (Jon) The fabled Gloomer now owns a realm of his own.  It's BRAND NEW but already has special features like "The Brig!" and My site!
Benholead the Fierce
has his own webstite.
Visit his shop here or his site called:
The Forge!
His Xanga link
Ooga Ooga Land
Ooga Ooga Land
Tehelella (Chickabunga Shaladufralalie)
My friend
Abby has a land all of her own!
The culture there is quite different, they even have their
OWN LANGUAGE! Check out their Dictionary.
Original art, commentaries, and facts about one of your best buds.
Gatekeepers Realm
Gatekeepers Realm
M Go Blue
This is the site of our friend Mikey Simmons. The Gatekeeper
of heaven was the Archangel and this site is modeled after him.
Wake for Young Souls.
The Knight of the Burning Sands has a website of his own.  Listen to his ramblings and inner thoughts about anything including his friends, the makers of these websites.
Questions?  Coments?  Suggestions?
E-Mail me by clicking this link, ESPECIALLY if you want to tell me how cool this site is!
E-Mail Me!
IM me Thomual:
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Random Info on Thomual:
When was this page started?  4/16/03  ~In the middle of the night, I pulled the first all nighter in a long time and I just couldn't stop!  It was a very wacky next day.

Inspired by:  Ooga Ooga land and Nuvens World.

Favorite Colors: Blue, Green, Maroon

Favorite Music:  Newsboys, Contemporary Christian, Europop, Techno, New Age, Trance.

Likes girls with:  Cute Ponytails, Humility, LOTTS OF PASTA, and a Thulian name.

Occupation:  Student and Christian Techno show DJ for Liberty University's 90.9 The Light

Thomual is 24 yrs old and has an Identical Twin brother named Mighty Mikail
Roxys Graphics
like Thulians?  The natives are mostly Moogles
Most Icons are property Blizzard Entertainment and are not Original.  Other Pictures come from other places DON'T SUE ME!
All Rights Reserved as far as I know from Squaresoft, Nintendo, Microsoft Games and Marvil Comics, Rare and Hall Labritories, and the surrounding Icons.  Check the Library for more official links and credit to the proper makers.  Special Thanks to Xanga, Yahoo, and AOL Instant Messanger.  All Totebo products and icons are used with specific permission from Zed himself and the Maker of Zed.
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