1. Bichunmoo - Shin-Hyun June.
2. House of Flying Daggers - Zhang Yimou.
3. Police Story - Jackie Chan.
4. The Blade - Zhou Wen Zhou.
5. The Ring 2 - Nakatani Miki.
6. Drunken Master 2 - Jackie Chan.
7. The Killer - Chow Yun Fat.
8. Iron Monkey - Yu Rong Gwong.
9. Tai Chi Master - Jet Lee.
10. Last Hero In China - Jet Lee.
11. Hunting List - Loy Leung.
12. Wing Chun - Michelle Yeoh.
13.  Fist Of Legend - Jet Lee.
14. Saviour Of The Soul - Andy Lau.
15. The Eagle Shooting Heroes - Jackie Cheung.
16. The Assassin - Zhang Feng-Yi.
17. Violent Cop - Takeshi Kitano. 
18. The Dragon From Russia - Sam Hui.
19. My Sassy girl - Joan Ji-Hyun.
20. The Royal Tramp - Chow Sing Chi.

This list in no way represents my all time top 20 movies, I just think that these twenty are at the forefront of their genres and would satisfy any movie fan.
To do my all time favourite top twenty would be impossible as the list would have to contain some western titles such as the fantastic 'True Romance'  and the visually stunning 'Le Grande Bleau'. To even contemplate doing my all time top twenty hurts my brain just thinking about it as there are so many fantastic movies available!

It's funny that since I stopped writing reviews I have been watching much more than usual, normally very late at night, to the increasing annoyance of my partner ;).
The best of the recent batch had to be my rewatching of the Korean flik
My Sassy Girl and I am glad to report that it is just as good the second time around. A brilliantly funny movie with a great ending. The same however can't be said for Sega's House of the dead. Fucking hell where do they get off releasing this shit, this has got to be the worst movie this year. Anyway a quick rundown for your perusal.
Iron Palm - Half decent Korean comedy about a man chasing his first love.
My tutor friend - Another Korean comedy that is probably better for the ladies. Not my cup of tea.
Stereo Future - 2nd film in the trilogy and much better than the first movie which I actually thought was dull.
My school mate the barbarian - Tripe from the begining, very weak HK fodder.
City of god - Brazillian drama based on real life and very disturbing. Great stuff though and reminded me in some ways of the French film La Haine.
Irrevesrible - A French drama with Belluci and Cassel, strangely the film starts off from the end credits and works its way back to the start. Very violent initially as we witness the movies outcome and very bleak as before the end (start) we have come to realise that nothing changes.
Identity - US psycho drama with John Cusak and is very, very good. Dont know about the rewatch value though.
Evil dead (book of the dead version) - Cheesy low budget horror flik in a class of it's own. Quality.
Once upon a time in Mexico - Fucking brilliant, even Johnny Depp is good and I detest him and all he stands for.
Deuce Bigalow, male gigalo - Totally politically incorrect but a cracking comedy none the less.
Bad Santa - Oh my dear, I thought this was a kids movie! Nothing could be further from the truth. Billy Bob Thornton as an all fucking, all drinking foulmothed mutherfucker. First class.
Stuck on you - Didn't expect nothing from this US comedy about Siamese twins, very surprised as this is one funny movie.
The Texas chainsaw massacre - Don't know why they bothered with a remake as the original is so good but for the uninitiated it's an above average slaher flik.





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