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Basically this site is all about my passion for Asian cinema, from hardcore martial arts movies to the disturbing new wave of japanese cinema.
My love for Asian cinema started about 16 years ago, like most loves we have undergone our sticky patches throughout the years, but have come through it more or less unscathed, (apart from my bank balance that is.)
I like most english kids of the early eighties, had been accustomed to watching splatter movies (the majority of which have since been banned or cut to hell) and had never even heard of Jackie Chan let alone anyone else involved with Asian cinema, the only Asian movies I had seen were those of the late Bruce Lee, but unlike most of my friends I was not impressed (sorry Brucie fans). I stayed well away from all Asian movies for a number of years dismissing them as sheer pap.
Then it happened. After a boozy night out I was scanning through my dads video collection when I came across a four pack of films by a guy called Jackie Chan.The films were - 'Project A', 'Police Story', 'Armour Of God' and 'Wheels On Meals'. I sat and watched each and every film one after the other without sleeping. I was stunned, I could not come to terms with what I had just witnessed. I must have watched these four films constantly for the next couple of months.
Because of Jackie Chan's influence on me I began to hunt down every title I could associate with the man, which ultimately led me on to other great martial artists, Yuen Biao, Sammo Hung, Donnie Yen, Brigitte Lin, Jet Lee etc...
From here I started to open my eyes even further to the magic of Asian movies, with the lack of big budgets these films relied heavily on good scripting and great stories. I only wish these movies had been easier to attain. It is only with the advent of dvd/vcd that I have been able to replace my shoddy imported copies with crystal clear pictures, thus re-invigorating my love for all Asian Cinema.
16 years on and I now own over 650 Asian titles and I blame it all on Mr. Chan. My bank manager is especially grateful!

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