Jan. 16
The manga is now up at comicgenesis a web comic site so you can read it page by page instead of downloading chunks of it^^
Music of the Woods manga at comic genesis
Chapter 5 of the manga is up. I had to split it into two files so it wouldn't be one huge file since there are almost 40 pages in this one.
Oct. 20
Thanks to everyone who bought manga at AWA. ^^
For those who may not know Mucic of the Woods is an original manga/story that I write and draw. The story has been written and can be read on this page, though now that I look back at it it needs a good bit of work^^ I'm trying to correct it as I do the manga.
. Four chapters of the manga have been done and can also be downloaded from here. Chapters five and six have been drawn and I am inking and toning chapter five.
Beyond that feel free to sign the guestbook with any comments
or questions you have.
Manga Status:
Chapter 5 is up
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