Custom figures from A Galaxy Far, Far Away...

The Spacepirate Squadron started in 1999 as the 14 custom X-Wing Fighter Pilots pictured above. In time, as my customizing obsession grew, so did my choice of base figures. At first, I began doing other Star Wars figures (mostly from the leftover parts of canibalized X-Wing Fighter Pilots). Then I branched out into Superheroes and G.I. Joe figures.

Also included on the page, listed under "other," are some model kits that I assembled and painted.

To navigate this page, just click on the thumbnails at the right to begin with the custom Star Wars figures, then click on the navigation bar above to explore more custom figures.

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25DEC02 - Added Cobra Troops, Female Cobra Officer, Red Masked Cobra Officer, Cobra S.W.A.T. Team, Cobra Stinger Driver, Mimic, DD Cobra Officer, DD Flint, and DD Clutch to the G.I. Joe Page.
Merry Christmas!

08OCT02 - Added a Classic Cobra Viper to the G.I. Joe Page.

04JUL02 - Added Scarlett and another Cobra Commander to the G.I. Joe Page.
Happy Independence Day!

07APR02 - Added Crimson Cobra Commander and Cobra Trooper to the G.I. Joe Page.

13MAR02 - Added Cobra Commander (with helmet), Zartan's Motor-bike, Cobra Pilot, and Wild Weasel 2 to the G.I. Joe Page.

16FEB02 - Added a filecard to Arctic Cobra Commander.

13FEB02 - Added Han & Leia in X-Wing Outfits, Dark Stormtrooper, The Baroness (from G.I. Joe: The Movie), and updated the links page.

31JAN02 - Added Voltron Lion Team, Anime Rogue & Rogue Extreme to the Super Heroes page. Also added Arctic Cobra Commander, New Wave Crimson Guard, Kamakura, Zartan: Cobra Commander, B.A.T., Classic Cobra Officer, Cobra Immortal, Cobra Mine Detector, Cobra Air Pilot, Cobra Deceptive Warfare Officer, Dreadnok Zartan, Classic BBQ, Beach Head & "Original Custom" to the G.I. Joe page. Whew!

10JAN02 - Converted entire site to frames format.


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