About the series Voltron

In the 1980's I watched Voltron as a kid. It was basically my first introduction into the world of japanese anime. There were two versions of the cartoon. One had Voltron as five lions who came together as one huge robot, and one version had different vehicles coming together as what was called Vehichle Voltron. I do fanfiction based on the Lion Voltron series. In Japan, the original title was Go Lion and based on the Lion version of Voltron. Here's a little info for those not familar with the series, or like me, it's been a long time since you've seen it.

The premise of the Lion Voltron series revolves around five space explorers who while on a mission in outer space end up on the dreaded planet Doom and become prisoners of the ruthless King known as Zarkon. The five explorers, led by Keith fight their way off planet Doom and crash land on Planet Arus, a peaceful but ravaged planet. Keith, Lance, Sven, Hunk and Pidge all find themselves in the mysterious castle of lions greeted by Prime Minister of Arus, Coran. They also meet the enchantingly beautiful princess of Arus, Allura. As it turns out Arus has been ravaged by King Zarkon's armies. Many people have been taken prisoner or killed, including Allura's father King Alfor. Her mother is also deceased, but I don't remember exactly how she died. Though no longer among the living, Alfor often comes to his daughter in the form of a ghost giving her comfort and wise council. She often visits the royal family crypt to be close to his spirit.

Keith and his friends join forces with Princess Allura in her quest to protect Arus from Zarkon's plans for universal domination. The main thorn in his side, the great robot defender Voltron. Long ago before Arus was attacked, Voltron thwarted Zarkon many times keeping him from his goal. Then the witch Haggar transformed herself into a beautiful space goddess and tricked Voltron using a powerful spell to split him into five seperate units, five lions. Each lion plummets back to Arus in a different place. Keith and company go in search of the five lions. They discover each lion and are given a set of keys, one for each lion. Each man assumes a different lion, with Keith taking the black lion and also taking his place as captain of what becomes The Voltron Force. Lance takes over the red lion. Hunk takes the yellow lion. Pidge takes the green lion, and Sven takes over the blue lion. Each pilot is given a key matching their respective lion and together they are able to ressurect the mighty robot defender, Voltron.

Keith and the crew defeat Zarkon's forces many times battling huge monstrous creatures called robeasts. The creation of Zarkon's witch Haggar, many of the giant monsters are sent to the scrap heap thanks to Voltron. Infuriated that Voltron has risen to once again do battle against him, he sends Haggar to disable the Voltron force. She suceeds in her plan seriously injuring the blue lion's pilot Sven. With one pilot on the injured list, there is no way to form Voltron and the force must do battle with only four lions. Little do they know that the blue lion will indeed have a new pilot...Princess Allura. Despite the protests of her advisor Coran and governess known as Nanny, Allura learns to fly the blue lion and becomes an effective pilot, and part of the Voltron force. With Voltron complete again, planet Arus once again has its defender to stand against Zarkon and his armies of planet Doom.

Later in the series a new character is introduced. For a time Zarkon's troops are led by commander Yurak, but his attempts to destory Voltron always end in failure. During a particularly brutal tirade by the wicked king against Yurak, Zarkon's son, Prince Lotor returns to planet Doom after a successful campaign of conquest. Handsome, charming, and every bit as wicked as his father, Lotor assumes command of his father's armies after convincing him to give Yurak one more chance...as a robeast. The young prince plans to set a trap to seperate one of the members of the Voltron force from the others and ulitmately do away with him. When he arrives on Arus to confront the Voltron force, he sees Princess Allura for the first time. Enthralled with her beauty, she becomes an obsession for the young Drule prince. He vows to make her his at any price.

In the beginning he wants her only as a plaything, but as time goes by he decides that she is worthy of more than being just a mere pleasure slave. He wants her as his queen and bride. And he will do anything including the use of force to make her his. But Allura is a spirited woman who will not submit to his desires no matter how he threatens those she loves. While most would see it as obsession, the prince soon begins to feel what could be constrewed as love for the princess and will do nothing to do her real harm. It is a constant war of wills between the two, with Lotor always striving to make Allura his at any costs. The only problem, his obsessive love for the princess becomes a thorn in the side of his father Zarkon. The prince can never make the move to destroy Voltron for fear of harming the princess, though several times in the series he puts her life in clear and present danger. Many times father and son get into heated arguments, and at one point a knock down drag out fight over the subject. But it is not only Allura Lotor desires. He also wants to overthrow his father and take the throne for himself with Allura at his side as his queen.

Now in the last season there were more characters introduced and many more adventures before the series ended. A computer animated version of the series was made I think sometime in the ninties(could be wrong on the time) but it was a short lived show. There was also a comic book released by Devil's Due comics but it too was discontinued.

Hopefully this gets you aquainted with the series(and if you were a fan of the show as a kid like I was, encourages you to go get the dvd sets...like I need to do.)