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This is a fan fiction based on characters from the Eighties japanese anime cartoon, Voltron. The story has gone through many changes and incarnations with title and character changes until at last it is finally taking shape the way it was meant to when it first entered my imagination back in 1991. The original characters in this story developed in my imagination seventeen years ago, and off and on I have tried to write this fanfiction to its conclusion, but always ended up hitting a snag and was never able to finish the story. Its original title was Winds of Change, then for a brief time I thought of calling it Winds of Destiny. Then a few weeks ago the appropriate title finallly came to me...Redemption and Destiny. For those not familar with Voltron, there is a brief back story on the series and a section with bios of characters originally from the show. There is also a section to learn about my original characters and how they fit into the story. While none of this ever happened in the series(least from what I remember as a kid) it is a possible scenerio to explain the pasts of some characters and give them more of a history than was illustrated in the series.

Readers should be warned that this is not a children's fic(despite the fact it was a children's cartoon.) The content here is more for the adult reader as it contains some strong language, strong to graphic violence and possibly some nudity and sexual situations(nothing too graphic.) As I said, this is for the young adult to adult crowd. Not suggested for anyone under the age of 17.



Disclaimer: Voltron and its characters are property of WEP(World Event Productions) and no infringment is intended. No profit is made from this site. It is strictly a fan site. This is only a fan fiction and is LOOSELY based upon the Voltron animated series. I do not own the Voltron Fandom. Characters from the series are property of World Event Productions. All original characters(characters that were never in the series) are mine and may not be used without my permission. All graphics and layout by Silverrose(me) and were made with Paint Shop Pro.

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