Princess Leena

Leena, daughter of Danzar and Lotor's twin sister. When they were both just hours old, Lotor was kidnapped by King Zarkon. Danzar went after the wicked king to rescue his infant son, only to be captured himself. Since then Leena has grown up under the guidance of castle inhabitants who survived the terrible castle massecre. She is also protected by her three cousins, Avian, Genar and Kezrin. When they are contacted by the spirit of Leena and Lotor's grandfather, Keltor the three cousins go to rescue Danzar when they fly to planet Doom in hopes of finding the imprisoned king of Namoria alive. She has grown up to be a strong yet kind and compassionate leader. In some respects, she is similar to princess Allura.



Artist Note: The modle for Princess Leena was originally a picture tube downloaded from Outlaw By Design that has had a lot of enhancing and manipulating done to make her resemble the character Leena. The tube is NOT mine, the alterations however, are.