About the Author

I'm 35 years old and have been doing fan fiction for several years now. Various subjects range from wrestlers of the WWE (namely the Undertaker) to anime (my biggest fan fiction obession.) The anime I about most at present is the anime Hellsing. I've been doing fanfiction based on the anime/manga for the better half of five years and currently run two websites dedicated the characters of Hellsing. But the first time I started doing fan fiction was Voltron. I watched the series every day as a kid and remembered doing fanfictions (many of which got conviently lost because I was still a kid and my spelling and grammar were NOT the greatest.) The characters of the series became engrained in my psyche where they have remained. And as I started doing my little fanfictions original characters begin to develop. But for a long time I stopped writing namely for one I did not have 24 hour access to a computer, and two school work and personal issues kept getting in the way. By the time I went to college I finally got more access to a computer and began to write a serious and rather long fanfiction based on the Voltron characters and the original characters that had lived in my head for so long. But titles kept changing, plots were never right, and I was never able to finish the darn thing. (Ironically my one of my original fictions is also being this problematic...) For a while I started doing original fiction based on one of my obessions, vampires. Ironically one original fiction I started writing back in 1994 is called Blood Knight and was inspired by the horror anime Vampire Hunter D (one of the best novel series I've ever read I might add.) The other original fiction I did and actually finished was called New York City Vampire.

But in 2002 I believe it was began reworking my Voltron fanfic once again calling it at first The Winds of Change and then was going to call it Winds of Destiny. But the plot again was going nowhere after a certain point so I just put it in the back of my mind and went onto writing on Hellsing fanfiction in 2004. After several years a plot finally came to me that I believe will finally lead to a resolution. I renamed the story Redemption and Destiny. Certain characters were renamed and their personalities began to undergo more evolution. Now if I only knew how to draw worth anything I could actually illustrate them. (Seeing them illustrated would make my heart flutter to no end.) I'm just happy that this story that has pretty much lived in my head for nearly twenty years is finally, finally shaping up the way I intended for it to.

The reason for doing this story. I admit while on the outside I cheered for the good guys, secretly I was always infatuated with one of the show's bad guys...Lotor. Yes, in the series he was defintely a bad boy. Always terrorizing innocent people, stalking princess Allura(incase you don't know who I'm talking about see the characters section and history of the series section. I have to admit he wasn't very hard on the eyes(then again, I have kind of weird tastes sometimes) and while he was a villian there was something about him that was charming. And the fact that the poor guy just couldn't catch a break. Always going home defeated, Princess Allura always spurning his affections(however twisted they could be sometimes) and getting chewed out by his father every night just made me feel for the character. But there was also something in me that felt while in the series he was a villian, there was a part of him that could be redeemed. Dare I say, even be heroic. His view of love for Allura may have been obsessive and warped, it was a form of love regardless. And perhaps in the right circumstances Allura could learn to forgive and love him. Yes I know in the series that pretty much wasn't gonna happen(although I think there was one episode in the third season where he did act heroic..even if it was just a put on.)

That is what inspired me to write this fan fiction that moved into my head and pretty much wouldn't leave (like Hellsing's Alucard...not that I'm complaining. I adore Alucard.) I wanted to add more dimensions to Lotor's character instead of seeing him as just heartless, psychotic stalker with violent tendencies.) I envisioned him as more of an antihero(heroic but defintely no angel.) In past incarnations of the story, Lotor fell in love with a slave girl and married her against his father Zarkon's commands. They had a daughter but one year after he married her she as viciously murdered. The hatred for his father and trauma of losing the woman he loved and his daughter consumed him and he became truly evil. It was falling in love with Allura that was his redemption. But after a certain point things just stalled and I just put the story aside. Another thing that inspired me to write this story was I wanted to come up with a back story for certain characters of the series.

When I was composing the story I gave some of the series characters more detailed backgrounds and refined the details and histories of the original characters. Yes, some characters may be seen as ooc(out of character) but I prefer to think of it as the characters evolving from their present selves and developing more to their personalities. Unfortunately I can't say a whole lot bout the story other than Lotor goes through a life change when Zarkon decides he's had enough of the prince's obsession with Allura and decides to get rid of him(or so he thinks.) And that's really all I can say without giving the story away.

A few other little interesting tidbits about me:

I also do computer art and have several pieces showcased on my deviant art page. Most subjects range from fantasy to darker images and a few pieces that have native american themes. Some of my hellsing fanfiction is also showcased there as well. As earlier mentioned I am a big fan of anime and have a few of my favorite animes in my dvd library. They include Vampire Hunter D and Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust(both loosely based on the first and third novels from the VHD series created by Hideyuki Kikcuchi.) If you've never read the books or seen the movies, I highly suggest giving them a look see. The novels are fantastic and so were the animes. The novels also include beautiful illustrations by Yoshitako Amano. Other titles include my current obsession, Hellsing(I also have volume three of the manga and hopefully will save up enough money to buy the other eight or nine volumes), Trinity Blood, Nightwalker The Midnight Detective, and the first two volumes of Blood Plus (Hagi/Saya forever!) and the anime Vandread(though that one is on tape. I taped the whole series when I had digital cable. I also have the complete series of Blood Plus on tape and am currently trying to collect all volumes that are out on dvd...one and two down, eight more to go.

My favorite anime couples are from Voltron, Lotor and Allura(alas even though they never got together romantically in the series), Alucard and Seras from Hellsing(theirs was not a romantic involvment either, but hey, I can dream), Duero and Parfet from Vandread, and Hagi and Saya from Blood Plus.

Aside from my anime interest, my favorite tv shows are Whose Line is it Anyway, Dog The Bounty Hunter, Criss Angel Mindfreak, The Smoking Gun's The World's dumbest series, It's Me Or The Dog, and America's Best Dance Crew (Jabbawakeez Rule!)

Favorite movies include(this is gonna be a long list)

Star Wars(Both trilogies), X Men Trilogy(I can't wait til May, Wolverine!) LOTR trilogy, Harry Potter movies, POTC(Pirates of the Carribean) trilogy, Rush Hour I &II, V for Vendetta, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Interview with the Vampire, John Carpenter's Halloween(the original), and just about anything else by John Carpenter, Van Helsing, Hellboy and far too many more to count.

Favorite actors are Hugh Jackman, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Hugo Weaving and Gary Oldman.

Favorite actresses: Kate Blanchet, Natalie Portman, and Kiera Nightly(probably spelled that wrong.)

My other hobbies include collecting and sometimes customizing modle horses. My favorite brand of modle is Breyer(also most of what makes up my collection.)