Winds of Destiny Chapter Index

Is it possible for a wicked soul to find redemption...and love? Fed up with his repeated failures, Zarkon exiles Lotor into slavery. Stripped of his princedom and power, he soon learns what it is to be one of the masses he once conquered. As he tries to adjust to life as a lowly slave, he learns that Zarkon plans to launch an attack against Planet Arus that will either crush the spirits of its people, or destroy them once and for all. On his mind is one person only, Princess Allura. Realizing the grave danger she could be in, he plots to find a way off the slave planet Carnos in order to warn her of his father's impending attack. But in his quest to save the live of the woman he loves, he also learns secrets of his past that turn his world inside out. And also that the entire universe may depend on one thing...he and Allura coming together as man and wife. Everything happens for a reason, and nothing happens by mere coiencidence.

Chapter 1: Exiled

Chapter 2: Hard Time In Hell

Chapter 3: Atonement

Chapter 4: Realization

Chapter 5: Redemption

Chapter 6: Escape

Chapter 7: Changes

Chapter 8: Kindred Spirit

Chapter 9: Brothers in Arms

Chapter 10: Journey

Chapter 11: Realizations and Revelations

Chapter 12: Building Broken Bridges

Chapter 13: Getting Reaquinted

Chapter 14: Mysterious Dream

Chapter 15: Lost Truths

Chapter 16: Rescues and Reunions

Chapter 17: Homecoming

Chapter 18: Reconciling the Past

Chapter 19: Consequences

Chapter 20: No distance too great

Chapter 21: Confessions

Chapter 22: Explanations

Chapter 23: Conflict and Resolution

Chapter 24: An Alliance Lost, An Alliance Found

Chapter 25: Coming Together

Chapter 26: Hidden Menace

Chapter 27: Tragic Circumstances

Chapter 28: Sorrow and Solace

Chapter 29: Life Goes On

Chapter 30: Engagement

Chapter 31: Descent into Maddness