to my woodland garden located in Dallas, Texas. I'm not a certified horticulturalist or gardening expert - just a working guy who finds gardening rewarding.  People garden for different reasons. Some enjoy the fragrances, while others may find the tranquility soothing and reassuring.   I enjoy these benefits, but I am also attracted to gardening because of the artistic design element. It amazes me that almost anyone can paint the earth in rich colors and complimentary textures if they're armed with a little bit of knowledge and willing to dig in the dirt.
Gardening in North Texas can present challenges to both  the experienced and beginner gardener. The Texas heat in August can be unbearable unless you're accustomed to working in a steel mill.  One might as well hang a coat hanger out of the window to roast marshmallows. Or consider the heavy clay soils. They call it black gumbo.. it drains about as easily as a freshly poured  Wendy's Frosty milkshake.  Strong storms,
(ever heard of tornado alley?) and voracious insects the size of birds could discourage all but the most confident of gardeners, but the rewards are worth it when the "show" comes together.

One remarkable feature of living where I do is that I enjoy a relatively long growing season (USDA Area Zone 8A) , and since my garden is located within 4 miles of two medium sized lakes and borders an undeveloped forest, my garden enjoys the benefits of a semi-sheltered  microclimate.
(Location, Location)

When I began designing my garden, my backyard was completely overgrown with brush, briars, and no hint of a lawn. I knew very little about which flowering plants would do well  in my area and so I started my search for knowledge on the Internet, going to Home Depot and Lowes, visiting area nurseries, talking to strangers, and sharing information with more experienced gardeners.  It is my hope that this website will benefit other gardeners by sharing my gardening triumphs and failures.  I've learned that one plant might fail one year and do gloriously the next year. Some of the same kind can succeed in one area and fail in another. It keeps it interesting. The plant world is is teeming with diversity. There's a plant or flower or shrub out there somewhere that has your name on it.
This is a K-9 attack trained guard dog who will repel aphids, spider mites, and mealybugs out of your garden for only $100 an hour. She  is not trained to repel  slugs as she was attacked by a squirrel-sized one as a puppy and  hasn't touched one since.
Miracle Grow gone WILD
(just joking- this is an Alocasia Robusta from Borneo, not my garden). This plant has the world's largest undivided leaf and has survived from prehistoric times.

where's Mothra and Godzilla?
Too bad the dude didn't know that it was really a Venus Fly Trap
I hear "FEED ME" from the Little Shop of Horrors
Last Year's Summer 2002 PHOTOS!
Updated July 7, 2003
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My Roses in the Shade!
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