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Shilohs House
We are a non-profit sponsoring orginization in promotion and advertising to individuals or group. this is a UNION GROUP for those who work in the industry. We the members of shiloh house are a family promoting the skills of men and women in the Etertainmnet Industry. We do the hard work for you. while you do what is required in pursuit of your goal in life and in the industry. This will allow you to be independent to be successful by your talents. There are three branch in our orginization. This is told to members only who fills the application and pay the initiation fee. The benefits and wireless phone(under our contract) which are set for life is told to members. Their is a phone and stream live interview done online. If individual are unable to pay initiation fee, work is provided for payment and after individual are paid for their work and service. The benefits and wireless phone (under our contract) compensates for time and service. Certain braches require travel in the united states and countrys abroad. One branch is command of initiation provided applicants are Florida resident or voluntary travel( comendations are provided). Now we are in process of recruiting and project planning. If interested go to application leave us your information. priliminary contact interview is perform by our excutive representor Mr. Ross Jeanbart live broad caasted on the internet at channel sexhersize. For women initial interviews and initiation peform by Mrs. Suzette C. Dubois. Simply click on application and fill out the form. Thank for your time and patience.


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