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reviews - recordings

against me! - reinventing axl rose (scott)
no idea
agoraphobic nosebleed - altered states of america 3" (scott)
an albatross - eat lightning, shit thunder (scott)
angel hair - s/t 7" (scott)
black dice / erase errata split 7" (mike)
troubleman unlimited
black eyes / early humans split 7" (mike)
botch - an anthology of dead ends (scott)
hydrahead 666
chromatics / die monitr batss split 7" (mike)
gold standard labs
coachwhips - get yer body next ta mine (mike)
the denison-kimball trio plays the music of "walls in the city" (mike)
skin graft
dillinger escape plan - calculating live 7" (scott)
relapse singles series
eleventh symphony: both 7-inches (mike)
cobalt room
eleventh symphony - a uniform infinity of homogenous matter at a low temperature (mike)
cobalt room
fela kuti - open and close / afrodisiac (mike)
mca (reissue)
the flying luttenbachers - infection and decline (mike)
troubleman unlimited
fugazi - furniture 7" (scott)
kungfu rick - statues to stones, soldiers to bones 7" (scott)
le tigre - remix (mike)
mr. lady
les savy fav - go forth (mike)
lightning bolt - wonderful rainbow (mike)
the locust - plague soundscapes (mike)
mailorder children - thinking of raising a family 7" (scott)
asian man
melt-banana - cell scape (mike)
melt-banana / the locust split 7" (scott)
gold standard labs
moving units 12" ep (mike)
gold standard labs
numbers / erase errata split 3" cd (mike)
tigerbeat 6
the plot to blow up the eiffel tower - dissertation, honey (mike)
happy couples never last
project grizzly / dood split 7" (scott)
agitate 96
sun ra - nuclear war (mike)
atavistic (reissue)
v/a dynamite with a laserbeam (mike)
v/a ft. thunder mishmushmaximumegamix 3cd comp (mike)
massive distribution
wolf eyes - dread (mike)

reviews - live

reviews - soup

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