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Hello and welcome to my site. Please enjoy yourself and let me know what you think by signing my guestbook. I live near Marysville, CA.which was the gateway to the Gold Fields. So,  there are lots of rocks and stones here left over from the "49er's".
So, most of my site is dedicated to my favorite crafting art-rock painting. My inspiration and the start of my interest in rock painting is
Lin Wellford. She is the author of "Painting Animals on Rocks", "Painting Flowers on Rocks" and many others. I have provided a link back to her homepage-just click on her name.
I am also a member of several painting groups on Yahoo including Lin Wellford's Original
Rock Painting Club. You should check it out!

I have always had an interest in space and the possibility of other lifeforms and, as a consequence, have been doing my part in the search. I volunteer my cpu time to process data for SETI (search for extra-terrestrial intelligence). For more information, please click on the logo below. LittleWhiteDog is my group I work with.
I have been rockpainting since 2001. River rocks, big and small, are my main canvas but I have also been known to paint on slate.Every once in awhile I do pet portraits on wood. I do accept commissions but only for the smaller stones under 5 lbs or on wood placques. Anything larger would cause the shipping cost to be prohibitive!!
Anything you see on this site can be "cloned". It will not be an exact copy but will be one-of-a-kind-signed and dated by yours truly. So, drop me an
email and we can discuss what you would like and how much it will cost. Click here for a list of my approximate prices.
Squirrel the Yorkie
on slate

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