Imagine my surprise!

The Celebration of Women

"Rugged women have gone before me, paving paths like pioneers, so often all alone..."-- Holly Near


I finally got around to creating this site. It is my celebration of women. Folks around here call me Saffron... or even better yet... Sapphron. :) I hope you'll take a moment to look around. This site contains (or will contain) pictures and information about some of my favorite women and is an expression of my eclectic interests..  Maybe I've listed some of your favorites too. ... or maybe they will soon be. :)


There's something about the women... (under construction)


My Lover is a Woman, Afrekete


Cagney & Lacey, Kate & Allie, etc...(coming soon)


The Incredible True Adventure of 2 Girls in Love (coming soon)

Star Trek Women

Going where no women have gone before...

Written Expressions

Poetry, short stories, and other stuff...


Links to some of my other favorite interests.

Note: This site contains Lesbian content. If that's not your cup of tea, you should leave now. Everyone else... COME ON IN!!!

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